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The Penultimate Moods/Happiness Guide

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This guide is meant to help determine what affects the players’ moods and reactions to events in the game. For instance how a player reacts to being injured, how he copes with the pressure of being wanted by other clubs and a couple more. It is meant to be used together with The Ultimate Personality/Media-handling Guide, as it in some cases can reveal hidden attributes that the player’s personality won't.

I’ve been using this for a while now and for the most part it should be accurate. I don’t think I’ve found all the different moods and reactions, but the ones I’ve found should still be able to give a good picture of the player’s hidden attributes.

Some of the moods have had their attributes changed from edition to edition, so if you’re playing a version older than FM16 not all of these will be accurate.


Contract situations:

Players that have recently signed a new contract or are on expiring contracts

Determined to prove his worth to the team		Dtn 15-20
Happy to have signed a new contract			Pro 1-14, Dtn 1-14, Pre 11-20, Amb 11-20
Pleased to have signed a new contract			Pro 15-20
Relieved to have signed a new contract			Pro 1-14, Pre (1-10), Amb (1-10) - Either Pre or Amb or both
Satisfied with the terms of his new contract		Pro 1-14 
Wants to commit his future to the club			Dtn 1-14

Injuries (Not diseases or viruses):

Determined to make sure his injury doesn't hold him back	Pro 1-14, Dtn 15-20, Amb 11-14
Determined to overcome his injury				Pro 15-20
Disappointed to be injured, but optimistic for the future	Pro 15-20, Amb 15-20
Hopes his injury won't set him back too much 			Pro 1-14, Dtn 1-10, Amb 11-20 - 23 years old or younger
Hopes the manager will stick by him while he's injured		Pro 1-14, Dtn 1-10, Amb 11-20
Looking forward to recovering from his injury			Pro 1-14, Dtn 11-14, Amb 15-20
Looking forward to returning to action as soon as possible	Pro 1-14, Dtn 15-20, Amb 15-20
Patiently waiting for his injury to subside 			Pro 1-14, Amb 1-10 – Also retiring players



Wanted by other clubs (Major interest from, I believe, two or more clubs):

Feels pressured by the interest shown in him			Pre 1-10
Flattered by the interest shown in him				Pre 11-14
Ignoring the speculation regarding his future			Pre 15-20




Wants to become a regular in the first team			Pre 15-20, Amb 15-20
Wants to break into the first team				Pre 15-20, Amb 15-20
Wants to win a trophy						Dtn 15-20, Amb 15-20
Has ambitions to win current nation’s top division 		Amb 11-20 – Players 22 years old or younger
Would like more first-team opportunities			Amb 15-20
Player has reacted well to collective win bonuses		Amb 15-20, Loy 1-9



Unconfirmed or requires additional, undetermined sources:

Is willing to fight to regain his place in the first team				Pre 15-20, Amb 15-20
Feels the team has more potential and wants to help them realise it			Amb 15-20
Considering leaving when his contract expires due to the club's league performance	Dtn 1-10 - Expiring contract

Low loyalty, possibly 1-9, but can be lower, depending on unknown factors.
Possibly CA/PA and/or reputation for the player or relative to his team-mates:
Is looking to help the club progress		Dtn 15-20, (Loy 1-9)
Is enjoying being at the club			Dtn 1-14, (Loy 1-9)

On free transfer:
Is worried by lack of interest from clubs	Dtn 1-14, Pre 1-10
Is determined to keep looking for a new club	Dtn 15-20




Player A is Determined and Media-friendly. Using the personality guide this tells us:

Determined: Dtn: 20, Amb: 10-20

Media-friendly: Con 1-14, Tem 7-20

During an injury period the player is “Disappointed to be injured, but optimistic for the future.”

Pro: 15-20, Amb 15-20

Now we can determine a range for the player’s professionalism and a better range for his ambition. We can also discern that his pressure is 1-14, as he would be Evasive instead of Media-friendly had his pressure been 15-20.



Lastly I’ll give a few other tips for getting better approximations of the players’ hidden attributes:

When you purchase a player the fans’ reaction will sometimes be “Looking forward to seeing his ambition and determination to succeed”. I haven’t 100% confirmed what it is, but it is a good thing. I’m assuming it is ambition 15-20.

For offensive players in particular, pay attention to what he does when he’s in possession and being challenged or tackled. Players with low sportsmanship will tend to go to the ground, exaggerating and diving quite often. The diving animation should be pretty easy to spot. While players with higher sportsmanship will do their best to stay on their feet. Players with 15-16+ sportsmanship will hardly ever try to dive. In short: low spo means the player will go for a penalty, high spo means he will go for the goal.


Players with in-match body language "Seems professional" will usually have pro 19-20.

I'll update this if I find and confirm more. When this will happen depends on how much I'll be playing on my single-player save.

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This is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much Vad, I'm very surprised the contract reactions had attributes associated with them, I never considered that

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