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NHL contracted players in limbo

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A new save game with 1.2.2 - Uploaded as EHM Limbo Players.sav

A couple of months into my second season, I have noticed that many NHL contracted players - all of whom have junior rights - are stuck in some kind of limbo. If you click on the player directly they will show as being on the NHL team roster, but if you click on the NHL team's roster page - they are missing.

The player can be found in one of two ways - through the NHL team page with the "All contracted" option, or the unsigned players list of the relevant junior team.

It seems to be affecting a couple of players per NHL team, there are a small number of players successfully assigned to a junior team, and a small number of players with junior rights in AHL.

Examples (all NHL teams have examples, this is a snapshot)

Montreal - 4 contracted players with junior rights, 1 in juniors (Smereck), 1 in AHL (Perron) and 2 on no roster at all (Audette and Juulsen)

New Jersey - 3 contracted players with junior rights, 1 correctly in NHL (Matthews), 1 in juniors (Speers), 1 on no roster at all (Zacha)

Toronto - 6 contracted players with junior rights, 2 correctly in NHL (Nylander and Kempe), 2 in juniors (Timashov and Smejka), 2 on no roster at all (Marner and Dermott)


This may be contributing to a lack of players in AHL as reported elsewhere, there are a few examples here of that too, and definitely affects the Junior Leagues, as well as (probably) prospect development.




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