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  Hey guys, 

since the Olympics are coming up I was really pumped and wanted to start an FM 16 Olympics save by playing only with a u23 national team. I chose Australia and played the AFC u23 tournament with them and won it. Right after the tournament I left my role without wanting to do so (it said that the u23 team doesn't have any games in the near future/the game just quite the job for me). But the Olympics are just half a year after the AFC u23 championship. 

Now I don't know what to do? Do I have to create a new coach and just choose Australias u23 again? Or can I wait and just apply for the job right before the Olympics? On another note: is it possible to apply for u23 national team jobs? When I tried to do so in another save the apply button was greyed out... 


I hope you can help me cause I really want to play the Olympics with my team and don't want to create a new manager again and again... 


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I experienced something similar. I took on the Australia U23's at about 2020 and there seems to be little competition with most countries not even having a manager for this age group. When I chose to resign for a different national team the U23's job was left vacant and still is vacant in 2024. Even as the Australia boss I can't find any of the AI's to take on the role when I offer it to them.

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