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[1.2]/[1.2.1] Attribute tab in practice showing wrong colors.

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Not sure if it's 1.2 or 1.2.1 specific since the save started in 1.2 but I noticed this after 1.2.1 hit.

In my Oilers save Nail Yakupov was refusing to grow no matter which of my schedules I put him on, so I decided to test another previously untested one on him. To my surprise the game suddenly showed him as having gained (green color) +1 in about half his attributes a mere week later. Imagine my surprise when I recorded his attribute at the end of the summer in my external spreadsheet and saw that he had actually lost 1 attribute and gained none. I still kept him on the schedule in the hopes that it was just too low workload for him in the summer. 4 months later he had dropped even more attributes but the attribute tab in practice still showed half his attributes as green and none as red.

Uploading the save to the FTP as "Shindigs_YAKUPOV".

P.S. while on the subject of the attribute screen, could a button to "reset" it please be added. It's quite useful for the first few months of a save to get up to date info on how your schedules are working, but beyond that it's literally useless since all it tells you is that at some point x months/years ago the player gained rating in that attribute. That isn't useful information in any way, shape or form. If it could be reset to show the current attributes as the "gray" and any future changes as green and red it would actually be really useful throughout a save.

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