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Players losing role suitability over night

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As the title states, one of my players lost 3 steps of his suitability as a winger during ONE click of progressing, although he is always playing as a winger and has winger set as his focus.

has anyone else experienced this, and if so do you have any clues on why this happens?

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I had something similar. My player was a natural SC and AM L, with competent as M L. My back up tactic was a straight 4-4-2 so I was training him as M L, but still played him as AM L in a wide 4-3-3 in 90% of game minutes. It was ok until he suddenly switched from a natural AM L to competent, with M L rising to accomplished. He remained a natural S C. I was annoyed but accepted it as I had been training him in a different position, however I question the reality of someone going from natural to competent in an ability overnight unless they suffered a stroke in their sleep.

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