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[FM2016] BoyInGreen's European Super League System

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Hello guys,

I'd like to introduce to you the first European Super League system with promotion and relegation to be created using continental rules. This means that all participating teams will play in their own domestic league and retain their own nationality.

There are 64 clubs in the system:

16 in the Champions League (3 down)

16 in the Europa League (3 up, 4 down)

32 in the Euro Trophy (4 up)

In addition, the top 16 teams in the Euro Trophy including those relegated from EL automatically qualify for next year's competiton. The other 16 berths are determined using qualifying rounds, thus meaning almost every league (except San Marino and Gibraltar) has a chance of securing representation in the system. Realistic prize money is also included.

Suggestions are most welcome!


Warning: I got a crash dump when using this, even though I had no problems verifying it with the editor, so I would suggest not using this in conjunction with any other files for now.

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Wow, this sounds fantastic. Do you have a few screenshots plz? And maybe a bit more info. Do only the champions from each country qualify? What happens if the champion is already in the competition?

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