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I hooked my laptop up to my tv since the monitor is broken, for some reason it doesn't work with football manager but works fine with the rest of the laptop,

I can load the game then comes the main menu.

I click on load last game this opens new network game, So I managed to load my save my clicking a few options down the main menu page, but when in a save I can't click on the options button to save my game.

This has seriously left me shaking like a drug user going cold turkey, I NEED MY FM FIX !, please help ?

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I checked that, it's set to what it should be for a 46" HD, I have a feeling that I need to go to in game preferences but because of the problem I have it wont let me ?

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Might be worth double checking that the TV is set to duplicate the monitor, not extend the view. That way it appears are the same screen twice, as opposed to dual-screens. You can normally cycle through it quite easily using a button on your keyboard.

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