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[1.1.1] Second goalie stuck in infinite Loop around First Goalie

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Here is a recording of the problem in question at "fast forward" in game highlight speed:

Trying to turn off showing highlights and toggling all other in-game settings did nothing to progress the game; #1 Chubak simply keeps trying to get in net while their first choice Goalie is still on the ice. Chubak is also listed as being the line's Center in the lineup. Only option was to ctrl+alt+del since you can't exit a game in any way once started.

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If you have this kind of an issue occur, could you please locate the relevant "2dg" file from the temporary directory (default location is: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\EHM\Temporary) whilst the game is still stuck and upload it please. The file is named with a combination of numbers and the abbreviations of the participating teams. This way the issue can be replicated here and we can look into it.

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