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finances....surely not right

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Started the game unemployed and in 2027 i managed to work myself all the way to the Arsenal job

After 2 season i managed to win my first ever Premier League and to top it off i won the Quadruple (Champs League, League Cup, FA Cup) - 1st season as Arsenal manager i only finished 10th but managed win Europa so got Champions League that way.

At the start of this season i was told Arsenal are the Richest club in the world!!!! They were in big debt when i took over something like -50 mill

However....Despite selling 30 mill worth of talent (straight 30 mill - no installments)at the start of this season and shedding a ton of wages my board only allows me to keep 35% of transfer money

Also i was just given 6 mill in transfer budget to start the season....i can adjust to 30mill or so however i feel this is extremely low considering i am richest club and just won the quadruple plus I'm now expected to win the title!!

Does this sound right??

I tried to ask for more transfer % but board said no


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Perhaps you have a very large wage bill?


Not sure....i managed to off load many high earners since becoming manager

My current wage is 1.7mill a week???

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Plain weird, that is a low wage bill. Maybe just ask for more money, or wait and it will jump up massively in the next transfer window.

Yes very weird to me as well

Arsenal were not 'RICH' when i took over...something like 50 mill in debt but now 90 mill in black but i took Stoke as far as i could and this the next step

I sold many superstars on 200k plus a week eg Bellerin, Ocampos and Embolo

My first full season i sold 94 million in players and brought 120 mill in players.....won my first Premiership, Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup (Season 26/27)

2nd season (current season) i have sold 60 mill in players and brought 34 mill in players

With all the players i sold take in consideration big wages coming off the books

Beginning of the season declared as richest club in the world

Squad is made up of many young players so wages are low....I have 1 high earner left in the squad....my striker on 245k a week....next highest is on 150k then 100k which for a title challenging team in the Prem in 2027 is good

At the start of the season I had a low transfer budget....something like 6-8 mill....of course i could adjust the budget but that only gave me so much

Just seemed strange considering we won the everything, classed as richest club yet not much money to improve the squad

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What do you mean the authorized FM??

Did you update the game through steam?

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Just got into September and Board says i can now have 100% of transfer sales

Transfer budget and wage budget still the same tho

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