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Alright, just a question about coefficients and how they're calculated. Are they calculated at the end of the season or during the season. For example i'm Maribor at the moment, I was knocked out by Malmo in the Champions League 3rd qualifying. Apprently that equates to 0 point for this season, as I go into the Europa, I then beat Krasnodar in the Europa League playoff, to qualify for the group stage, this means i should receive 2 points, in my 2 games in the group so far I have drawn at home with Napoli and lost away to Trabzonspor, and apparently clubs receive 1 point for a draw in the group stage and 2 points for a win. So am I right in saying I should currently have 3 coefficient points for this season, 1 for the draw and 2 for the group stage? As I currently only have 2.425 on this seasons rankings. So will that mean effectively if I didn't win any more games in Europe this season that it would update and would then be 2.425 + 3, so I would habe 5.425 points for the 15/16 season. If anybody knows that would greatly appreciated, cheers

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I'm not sure when it's done but it's over the last 3 seasons, not the one, so as far as I'm aware, for the 2015/16 season, your points are for 14/15, 13/14 and 12/13 seasons.. As of the following season (2016/17) you'll "lose" the points for 12/13 and have 13/14, 14/15 and 15/16 as your 3 "counted" seasons

I believe it's all calculated at the end of the season but if someone else could confirm that because I'm not 100% sure if I'm honest

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