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Changes in 16.3 Editor

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Just wondering if you guys are noticing a significant improvement using the editor.


- Fixed various crashes on specific Editor files

- Fixed specific instances of competitions not scheduling correctly in edit files

- Improved several error messages to be more helpful

- Improved manager hirings in leagues that have been activated via the editor

Will that last one now come into effect even if we continue our savegame?

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i have to say some things are finally working in editor.

for example thing that never worked properly in my iron curtain database was the nation transfer preferences. i.e. west european nations have preference to buy eastern players only after they are 28 and after the update tha finally works as intended.

i am sure there are other things that are improved in editor, it is too bad SI didn't release any substantial fix list for the patch. that would significantly reassure database creators to use the editor as lots of people simply stopped to care after si didn't improve much editor in recent years.

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