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Your personal opinion on FM16

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Right people this is my story, I have played FM for years like most of us and have had hundreds of hours of great game play and hundreds of hours of not so great game play, I also tested the game for SI between 2009/10 - 2012/13 and give it up through losing my love for the game a bit after constantly seeing bugs instead of just playing the game from a gamers point of view instead of a testers so quit and went back to just playing.

So that kind of brings me to today and I am asking myself why I don't want to play FM16 I have 151 hours logged on this game this year compared to 837 on FM15 and I tried everything this year I stayed away from the forum after FM15 as that was as bad as testing and I would highly recommend it to everyone, bugs pointed out to you in threads left right and center bickering constantly even more than my misses and kids and it puts you off the game, so I bought the game after the first patch with no info on how the game was doing no beta no forum for a good 6-7 months and just fired it up, I started with Celtic got bored after 3 seasons and started a fresh game with Man utd and I can't even get to January without turning it off, and here is my constructive feedback on what I am seeing and what is putting me off this once great game.

Tactics - Over the years FM has become more complicated than it really needs to be and could be the death nail for many a loyal player going forward, there are too many roles involved now and new ones keep being added every year, keep it simple, the one thing I think that has a lot to do with players frustrations is not being able to understand the combinations of roles needed for a good tactic without having to sit in the T&TF part of the forum and trawl through threads explaining just that, listen I don't have a problem with that but loads do and I have great respect for the guys that spend loads of their time explaining this to people but this game used to be able to be picked up and played and everyone understood what was going on.

Why we need all the roles is beyond me really we only need all the main positions on the field covered with stay back defend or go forward attack, we have 5 different types of centre back, 14 different types of central midfielders between defending and attacking, 5 different types of RB/LB, 7 different types of wide players and 6 different types of strikers, all I want is to be able to get my players to attack and defend and for average Joe picking this game up for the first time and even experienced players like myself thinking wtf is this all about I just want to be able to put a shape of team on the pitch and attack, defend or counter.

Most of the other stuff that is happening or supposed to be happening with roles could surely just be applied to players using either shouts or PPMs, there will obviously be people with opinions on this and I will be glad to hear your thoughts.

3D ME - First off here let me say I have a lot of respect for Paul C and the team in what he has achieved with his baby the 3D ME it has come on leaps and bounds and will never be truly finished ever, but the guy must spend his life trying to balance something virtually impossible with all the variables and make it look like a real game of football so hats off to him and the team for the constant work they do.

Here are my problems so far -

-Players not being able to replicate roles or do what they describe they or even some things on PPMs blatantly not working.

-The ME has been constantly troubled with wingers crossing to much then not enough, corner exploits to not scoring a single corner in a season on FM16 in my Celtic save and will continue to be the case.

-Unstoppable WBs getting the highest assist ratings year in year out.

-Not enough variety in attacks even for all the roles and duties we have you would expect tons of variety which in FM16 for me there is not enough.

-Very rare to see a player use certain PPMs like dribble through the middle, likes to lob keeper personally never seen it in 151 hours so far and likes to round keeper, levery rare to see your CM get in on the goals or be creative with defense splitting through balls.

-Attackers in this years FM have been a real problem for me personally, no matter what one of the 6 variety of strikers I chose I still couldn't get them playing like I wanted to or how they are labelled in FM and again I am not speaking for everyone here just my observations of 151 hrs of play.

For me it seems that just as Paul C gets things on the right track new features/roles and animations are added and it is back to square one again 1 step forward 3 steps back, so if you read this Paul C I appreciate and admire the work you continue to do every year mate even with some of the bile you must read about you and the staff at Si on the forums is totally unwarranted and I know how hard it can be balancing this complex ME with knock on effects on everything you tweak.

That pretty much is what is putting me off folks and forgive me for not being the most articulate in my post and I might not put things across as well as some on the forum and I have probably missed some things out along the way but I am passionate about this game having spent a good chunk of my life playing it, I hope by giving FM 15 a go tonight I can start enjoying the one and only game I give any serious time to again.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to set out what is bothering you in a constructive way and hopefully the guys at SI will take some points on board and hopefully help us out here.

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This belongs in the feedback thread ta

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