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Any way to influence provoking foe to red card?

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Just watched a bit football fights compilations on youtube and had a thought that in reality poor tempered players can be provoked by conventional actions (like very tight marking and force tackling). In result one team gets a red card and other possible injury.

So I'm curious what can influence "provocation" level in FM16? What instructions should I give to increase or reduce chance of red cards and injury if there is explosive minded foe? Marking and tackling only? Or they don't influence much?

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And how it is resultive in red cards?

It does seem to have an effect. Given that I'm likely to impose those OIs late in a game, maybe every dozen or so games a red card is issued, or an exhausted player is carried off after their 3rd substitution's been made. I can't say I've proved a direct cause & effect, though.

By the same token, whenever one of my players gets a yellow I give the shout to 'calm down'. I've never had such a player get a second yellow. I wish I knew if my shout is the reason for that.

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