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injuries are completely out of whack

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Two separate times I have got a month into the season.

Both times I stopped playing.

13 injuries in 11 games to my main roster and when I attempt to call up a player I notice all if the best players from my AHL roster are injured as well.

There is no way that any orginization has their top 25 (yes that number is correct) players out of action all at once.

Furthermore, they we're ALL 1st and 2nd liners or top 4 defensemen as well as the starting goalies for both my NHL and AHL rosters.

Not only that, but if a player is on injured reserve (even if he us out 9 months) he comes against the 23 man roster?

I bought this game because I read people rave about how realistic it us. My first experience is that it is so far the opposite that it is ridiculous.

It is unplayable when the amount of injuries significantly lessens your chance of competing.

Yes, injuries are a part of the NHL.

INJURIES to only the top players AND injuries to 25 people in your organization at the 10 game mark are not.

Just because it is difficult to beat a game when it stacjs the deck this way does not make it realistic.

And don't even get me started on fair value for trades when the only fair value going around us the AI trades with each other.

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Wow, that is a lot of injuries! You should upload your save so Riz can take a look.

I've not seen anyone else post about what you're describing, so it's certainly not the norm!

In the online league I'm in I haven't seen anything like you're describing with injuries, and IR works properly too.

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