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Everything was ok until the 1.1 update. Im playing for 3 managers in this game and the issue is - game crashes every time, when at least 2 managers playing a match at the same time. I've tried to go on vacation with one manager, so only one would be playing and it didn't crash, so obviously the issue is connected to 2 managers playing at the same time.

*Im using the TBL rosters v8.1a

*I uploaded save from my game to your FTP, his name is IceCold-ehm-has-stopped-working.sav (just keep continue until it crashes)

Thanks for your effort.

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I have same problem, but game has stopped working after 30th of June 2018.
You're having the "same problem" on June 30th?

The problem referenced in this thread is one person playing as multiple managers/teams, and crashes happening when those teams have games on the same day.....you have multiple games on June 30th? I don't think any League is playing on June 30th.....

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