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Asia League 1.1 (for database guys)

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Tohoku Free Blades are listed as based in Switzerland! Even their arena is listed as being there :lol: That's going to be some serious travel arrangements for them! Should be in Hachinohe, JPN.

China Dragon are listed as Harbin, Should be Shanghai and their arena is correct, sports centre pavilion but it is in Shanghai also. Minor I know!

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Both fixed. BaakLung, are you looking forward to the Chinese team in the KHL?

That was quick, thanks!

Is it 100% confirmed? I seen in a random Beijing english language newspaper that is a done deal? Any way yes I am! Be interesting to see 1 what they name the team and 2 how they work out who the chinese players are going to be. Im thinking some canadian players might be rushed through some passports to represent them :p

Would be better placed in Harbin but living and working in Beijing as a hockey player will be a decent life im sure!

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