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Harder this year or more realistic?

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I've just downloaded FM16 for the first time and I've had a nightmare pre season. I'm playing with Manchester United and lost the first two friendlies 2-0 and 3-0 and both the teams (Victoria Pilsen and Dusseldorf) completely outplayed out United with them hardly attacking at all - which is quite lifelike even though I'm trying to play 'The United way.'

I wanted to know if this is something to expect from FM16, that it's generally harder or will the team naturally pick up going into the season and play some much more confident football? What's been your experience?


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Every year FM is getting better and more realistic. YES we have the same experience! but I soon got along and I started winning games AFTER numerous starts with Barca, Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City until I got into Man United. Good thing you have chose Manchester United because it is the best team to manage for beginners imo, and I'm managing that team. Look I have won 2 trophies in the premier league last season, the Capitol one Cup and the Premier League. This season I won the community shield against Chelsea! Came up semi-finalists in FA Cup and Quarter Finalists in Champions League last season :applause::applause::applause:

Okay since we are both playing Man United here's my team (this is now my 2nd season) I'm just gonna share my own tactics (oh yeah one is the tactic I do not own, it's from another person the TORNARDO V6 tactic.) I'm gonna help you to improve your game.




I've spent quite a lot in the transfer market last and this season. Bought Pogba, Carvalho, Pique, Romagnoli and sold Rojo, Valencia, Carrick, and Fellani cuz' I think they aren't worth to be part of my team (lol.):p I have even plans to sell Schweisteiger and Young in the next season due to their age. My Philosophies are: Develop Youth System, Sign Youngsters for First Team and lastly Play Attacking Soccer. Remember Man United is one of the richest clubs in football, probably a bit higher than Barca or Madrid and when you start Man United newly, you see a big portion of 60 million euros of transfer budget and a whopping payroll.

Remember with that whopping budget you are asked to win the league (why from Van Gaal which Man United became trophyless, win the league???? amazing) Reach quarter finals in Champions League and lastly reach Final in FA Cup. Certainly a high expectation but I manage to get through it.

Mentality: Control Shape: Flexible Formation: 4-3-3 DM (dunno why 4-1-4-1 DM completely way different) Goalkeeper as goalkeeper. Central Defenders as (any role will do actually) from Limited to Central and any from cover, stopper or defend, depending on the player's ability role. Full Backs to attack. CDM deep lying playmaker. 2CM as box to box and advanced playmaker. LW and RW as inside forwards. ST as complete forward (or False Nine or Deep Lying Forward, depending on the role of the player ability)








Box to Box


Advanced Playmaker






I might have shared my own tactic and should be in other section, but anyways. Have you observed that I used much of the midfield to close down more, including the wingers to shoot less often and close down more. I also let them to mark tighter and tackle harder. This is my own high-pressure tactic. Man United full backs are speedy and fast. They can cross and pressure up everything. Blind must be LB, I don't see him performing the best as CDM/CM. He can be a backup CB as well. Blind backup for Shaw. Be careful of Jones and Shaw as they are injury prone (but strangely so far, Jones and Shaw haven't been injured for quite a long time though Shaw is just experiencing a common flu, why worry?)



My midfield is excellent, having the best passers in football in the game Attackers are great as well Memphis in the game doing 1 bicycle kick per season (how i wish irl). Rooney shooting accurately and Mata assisting and playmaking a lot!

Secret is: ROTATION! You know I have bought quite a lot of players, but it's up to you who is the best to put in midfield, Attack and defense. I recommend you improve the defense of Man United (when you begin your season), my goodness from Midfield to Attackers is max of 5 and a half stars (thanks to Mata) while in CBs maximum is only 3 and a half stars!!!!!!!! my goodness, godamn buy a 4 star or 5 and a half star defender! Use the transfer budget wisely to do everything.

I got along with the high pressure tactic, by mark tighting and close down more (but not much) I use ST to close down less so he can shoot more freely. I also use CB to close down less because I don't wanna close down too much my defenders and make open spaces. I look for overlap since man united fullbacks are excellent in dribbling, crossing, pace, etc. That's where I get my attack so deadly as the support. I use inside forwards to cut inside and pressure the middle. Full backs to be wide so they can cross. If a manager will mark or close down a full back, game over my ST and Inside forwards will counter. My midfield will all do the playmaking work in the middle and play the game and my defenders to defend. While I use full backs to attack I use my CDM, and CBs to defend, and works perfect! Man United Full backs can have the speed to retreat fast from counter attacks and join the defense, and then boom it will be so difficult for the opponent to shoot. Oh don't forget De Gea is a top class goalkeepr. My goodness Man United now have the best defense. I bought Pique since he nearly acts a semi-sweeper. He steps up opponent and tackle, and 1 out of 10 he will make mistakes. I also bought Romagnoli because I see him as a good duo. If Pique will step up, Romagnoli will stay behind and beware of counter attacks, AMAZING! Romagnoli has better Physical and speed while Pique has better vision, technical and a bit of attack. Defending, mental and aerial looks the same. MY IM GONNA SHOUT LIKE HELL the best duo like Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. Capture12_zpsmn0d5x0g.png

My backups in defense are don't forget are Chris Smailing and Jones. Another great backup duo! Jones is brave in tackling, technical, attacking and higher vision while Smailing better in Aerial. Just look here as well.

Capture13_zpssvpk8nap.png Darmian and Varela as backup RB. Shaw and Blind as backup LB. Wow amazing defense. Midfield is Pogba and Herrera they are great passers. and Carvalho and Schneiderlin as backup in CDM All are brave and don't care to get a yellow card lol. Then my trio. Depay is not good in real life but in game, he like cuts inside, dribbles perfectly and shoots accurately! He's fast, and great. Then Mata as a playmaker, he playmakes everything though i put him as inside forward. He does quite a lot of assists as well. Then finally Rooney as a complete forward. Does everything. Martial as backup as he possess speed. Unfortunately he's getting a bit injury prone :(. Young and Lingard are very fast as well, but less than Depay. Januzaj seems a good playmaker as well, but not as Mata. He's quite not that fast but relies more assists. Just a bit more training and he can become like a good winger.

Hope that's all I hope I helped much about it.

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