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[FM16] Bedford Town F.C.

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Some of you know that I have officially ended the FM15 Dresden career - LINK

New FM16 career has started tonight, the new club will be my old favourite Bedford Town F.C.

I have previously played Bedford on FM2006 when they played in the Conference South. Since then, they are two levels down and I feel it is time for a great comeback.

I have wanted to manage Bedford again, but didn't want to mess with the database, however my experiment showed that rising Bedford Town to a playable league was a really difficult task (if not impossible?!?), I had to activate their league. I have done it with the help of Dan BHTFC and his English level 23 database, who I am very grateful to.

The full career updates for each season (like the previous FM15 career with Dresden) will be posted the blog www.all-fm.net but the update posts will be on several relevant places:


fmscout - will update after first career post

facebook page - LINK

twitter - LINK

I would love if you could spare some time and visit the blog. Also if you have any suggestions, or perhaps would like to work with me on the blog itself please feel free to contact me (there is enough room for a lot of you on the blog, you could post your career updates too, or even better your articles about this beautiful game) :)


crorop / Marko Mourinho :)

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Thank you Nobby_McDonald

I have started the career very well. Played until the New Year by now, so you can see how I'm doing on my blog HERE

So far, thins are looking very much ok :)

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