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In my first season as Arsenal manager I was able to win 16 out of my 19 home games in the league as well as managing to beat Barcelona, City, Spurs and United all in cup competitions at home. My home form has been superb but i can't seem to have anything like this form when i play away. In all i lost 9 out of my 19 league games, compared to 0 at home all season. I've battered sides like United, Spurs, Liverpool at home but i've been battered by them in the reverse fixture as well as having poor defeats against sides like Sunderland and Norwich.

My home tactics are..

4231 (Wide)

AF - Att

IF - Su / AM - Att / AP - Su

DLP - Su / BWM - De

FB - Au / CD - De / CD - De / FB - Au


Control, Flexible, Retain Possession, Look for Overlap, Stay on Feet, Run at Defence, Fairly Wide, Be More Expressive, Tighter Marking

Normal Tempo / Mixed Passing Direction

When i play away, i usually deploy the same tactics but slightly more conservative with the team instructions as well as regularly swapping between the 4231 and a 4123 depending on the opposition and how the game is panning out. I've tried several other set ups within games and from the start when i realised my away form was letting me down.

Could anyone suggest any away tactics that can help me? I'm looking to win the league in my second season and my awya form stopped me from doing that in my first.

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No-one is going to suggest an away tactic because that's not what the forum is about. If you want help then post examples and talk about the issues you face when away from home.

More to the point, why do you think you have to play differently away from home and be more conservative or swap formation?

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if you can give details on "slightly conservative" maybe i can have some recommendations. my first recommendation would be to not use automatic full backs. i'm a control freak!

i play 4231 wide at both home & away and with small adjustments. i can tell that i'm better at away than home :) this is a frequent press conference question to me :)

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