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Injuries - Anything I can do to prevent this?

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This isn't a thread complaining the game is broken.......but it's fair to say the amount of injuries I'm recieving is ruining my enjoyment of the game.

And yes - I know, when LVG took over at United he had horrendous injuries & Wenger has had a rough time IRL this season also but I've honestly never had injuries like this I don't think in my CM/FM career spanning almost 20 years. MY training is set to medium & everyone seems happy, they don't seem over exerted in training, they get a days rest after every match day. I also don't start anyone unless they are at least 90% fit & keep n eye on match sharpness also & use reserve games for players coming back from injury to improve sharpness.

1. Darmian - 4 weeks

2. Smalling - 7 days, 7 days

3. Jones - 3 months (as of game start), 7 days

4. Rose - 7 days

5. Valencia - 3 months

6. Carrick - 7 days

7. Schneiderlin - 6 weeks

8. Schweinsteiger - 4 weeks, 6 weeks

9. Young - 6 weeks, 6 weeks

10. Perira - 6 days

11. Townsend - 4 weeks

12. Depay - 2 weeks

13. Fellaini - 1 week, 3 weeks

14. Herrera - 2 weeks

15. Mata - 6 days, 9 days

16. Martial - 2 weeks, 2 weeks

17. Rooney - 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 4 weeks

Fringe Youngsters:

1. Wilson - 3 weeks

2. Blackett - 3 months

3. McNair - 6 days, 6 weeks

4. Mitchell - 2 months

From the first team in 26 weeks I've had 25 injuries not including the fringe youngsters. Overall I'm losing 1 player to injury every 7 days which seems a bit excessive. Can anyone advise, or maybe Man U's players all just have high injury proneness ratings?

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Personally I think the issue is your expectations.

You've had 30 injuries in 26 weeks in FM. Man Utd IRL have had 42 injuries in 26 weeks from July 2015-Dec 2015.

There isn't anything odd about what you've posted, you are doing a lot of good things and your injury rate is less than the average you would expect.


Actually want to adjust my comments above.

Looking through the injury records of other clubs about 15-20 injuries in 26 weeks seems about the average. The Man Utd squad does seem more injury prone than other teams and I would expect this to be reflected in FM which it seems to be to some extent. I still don't think what you've posted is much of an issue (at least game wise) but you might want to look for players moving forwards in FM that are less likely to add to your injury problems.

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