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Game Changer (3in1 Tactic)

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Game Changer (3in1 Tactic):

This is a tactic spilt up in three, a starter, a offensive and a defend version. This means that you use the starter in the beginning of the match, if you are down with one goal and are chasing a goal, you would probably switch to the offensive, and if you are up with one goal, and are against a way better opponent you would probably go for the defend version.

The tactic:







Results with Hertha Berlin

First of all, the tactics becomes better and better the more your players learn it. I play with Hertha Berlin at the moment, and haven't made big transfers here in my first season, so this is great results if you ask me.


At the Bayern Match, I looked at bayern tactic and saw that they only had Lewandowski at the top, so I took my best defender and made him personal mark him, with the instructions to close mark, press him, force him to use weak leg and hard tackle him. That almost took him out of the game. (Vidal got sent off in the 85' min of the game)


At the Werder match, I was leading two times, but got unlucky with the two goals of Ujah, so when there was 20 min back I switch to offensiv, and that made the game changer.


The only team unbeaten!


The top score


Tips and Tricks

Get a good ass manager. Alway use his advise on OI. You always listen to him too when the match is ongoing. Always make tactic changes when he advise it, especially when it come to closing down a opponent.

What make this tactic strong, is that it's a 3in1 tactic. So when the match change, you always has a answer.

You should 97% of the times always start with the starter tactic. Use it wise, if you are a team like Berlin and you are playing against Schalke away, and while playing with the starter you are having about equal chances, the tactic is working, don't fix it if it ain't broken, a 0-0, 1-1 or 0-1 is a good result in that case. Keyword is be realistic, and you will succeed!

If you are against a lesser opponent, and chasing a goal and it doesn't seem that the starter will get it for you, then try offensiv.

Are you against a equal opponent, and you want to keep the 0-0 or the one goal victory, try defend.

Be hard when it comes to Teamtalk, Throw shoes around the room if they deserve it, you should expect every player to deliver 100%.

You want wing back that are good at - pace/acc, technique, passing and dribbling (keyplayer)

Inside Forward - pace/acc, technique, passing, dribbling and finishing

Complete Forward - Allround

So this tactic will only be a success if you play it wisely, this is NOT a diablo tactic or a plug and play tactic where you don't have to think tactical. But what is the point of playing if you don't have to think tactical.



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