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[FM 16.2.0] • • • MiNiMaL_FuSS - FuSSination 1.0 || 4-1-2-2-1 • • •

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Tactic Summary

A return to the FuSS tactics of the past in this update - only tested with bigger teams, but makes the game silly easy!


The tactic is built on 3 key concepts (2 stolen form Jose, 1 from Pep)

• Mourinho: The team that makes the least mistakes wins - hence the narrow, slow and short passing game.

• Mourinho: An adaptation of his famous Trivote - 2 attacking midfilders that also harrow, harass and tackle, aiming to win the ball up the pitch, backed up by a supporting DM who fills the space behind them and creates passing triangles.

• Pep: Possession for possession's sake is pointless - I don't use too many team instructions, I want the team to play a balanced and adaptable game, not be limited by a particular vision such as retaining possession or playing out from the back.


I generally use control, but I've only tested with decent sides (Everton/Southampton), I've often gone attacking when chasing an extra goal. Be very wary of quick counter-attacking teams when you use control, I've found it's often best to step-up to attack against them, although there's nothing wrong with the standard setting!

Team Talks

Do them yourself, assistants are just rubbish at them, even the best assistants.

• Be harsh! Ask yourself what the stereotypical Sir Alex would have done.

• Before I match: I usually aggressively expect a result, followed by individually assertively telling them I have faith.

• At half time: (even if my teams winning) if most of my team have below 7 performance I will aggressively tell them it's not good enough, those that don't respond to that (or respond badly) I will individually tell they were not good enough assertively.

Opposition Instructions

• I don't use them with one exception - if a particularly magnificent player is running a muck in the first 15 or so minutes I'll use them on him.

Set Pieces

• I'm awful at these, they're pretty much the default, I'm looking at tightening up defensive corners.

Team Selection

• DO NOT LET YOUR ASSISTANT MANAGER PICK YOUR TEAM - he will tend to pick AMCs in the wide positions, this will kill you, use wingers.


• ST - Complete Forward (Support): This player will create space for the rest of his team by pushing the defensive line back and acting as a target man. Because of this you need a striker that's got good physical stats and fairly hard-working.

• AML/R - Inside Forwards (Support): Despite being inside forwards these guys will still whip in a lot of crosses. They're also you're main goal scoring outlet. Traditional fast wingers that can also finish would be ideal. RECOMMEND WRONG-FOOTED PLAYERS (do not switch them to attack, they will not track back).

• MCL/R - CM (Attack): Based on Murinho's famous "trivote", these two are aggressive, hard-tackling midfielders who can win the ball back high up the pitch and attack. You're actually after decent box-to-box players here (think Gerrard or Pogba).

• DMC - DM (Support): Aggressive defensive midfielder, will look to attack the ball, break up opposition play, and lay off the ball to the midfielders. You need your typical DMC here, but the ability to actually play the ball will be useful (think Sven Bender or James McCarthy). THIS POSITION CAN BE SWITCHED TO DEFENSIVE FOR MORE DIFFICULT GAMES, BUT YOU'LL LOSE SOME LINK-UP PLAY.

• FB's - FB (Support): These guys will get forward to cross and give you width. You need very good attacking and defensive fullbacks as you're asking a lot of them, Baines and Coleman are two of the best in the game.

• CB's - Defender: Typical centre-backs there to defend the goalkeeper. Tackling, Marking, Heading, Jumping and some decent acceleration won't go a miss.

• GK - Keeper: Handling, reflexes, command of area - one-on-ones is particularly important as this tactic often has it's fullbacks pressing quite high-up the field.

Where to spend the cash

Fullbacks are the most important position.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8x1khsjib3tk68/FuSS 4 - Standard_BE2244A1-F150-42AA-B792-B53955E9C6EB.fmf?dl=0

FuSS Says

Tactics are the least important they have ever been, all-round good team management is much more important, there are no quick fixes.

• Simply assuming your players moral isn't an issue because the marker is green isn't good enough.

• Not handling player motivation every 5-10 games by praising or criticising every one of your players based on their form isn't good enough.

• Not handling player effort by praising or criticising players training if they are highlight in the monthly training report isn't good enough.

• Simply letting your assistant pick the team, cover the media or do the team talks isn't good enough, see above instructions.

• Simply not giving individual team talks to any player that didn't repose to the team or group talks isn't good enough!

If you just want to win every match and make transfers then I suggest Fifa manager is the game for you :)

Ho ho ho...

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Looks great, be interesting to see your team through the stages. Tactic looks awesome

It is a VERY good team, hence I'm doing a quick click-through test with Southampton, who look on to win the title, but I'll upload this afternoon.

I'm less convince by playing control with them though, but I can leave you guys with one setting to adapt I guess!

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It will only be deemed a successful tactic to me if it works with Curzon Ashton, I do admit almost 2 seasons unbeaten with not using the best teams is awesome!

Very true, if a tactic works consistently in Vanarama North/South, it works everywhere. Unfortunately, we haven't seen such a tactic so far.

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This really is a nice gift to get just before Christmas! :thup::) Thank you , FuSS.

I always try your tactics and those of Mr Hough and Mr Rosler, so I am very curious to see if I can replicate your success.

In your test runs, did you try your tactics only on normal Football Manager, or on FM Touch too?

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He's definately onto something here with that setup. I've recreated it as as best as i can and since the change ive P11 W8 D2 L1.

Impressive giving that i'm Hull City in my first season in the prem and i'm currently 4th coming from 19th before I switched to this!!

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He's definately onto something here with that setup. I've recreated it as as best as i can and since the change ive P11 W8 D2 L1.

Impressive giving that i'm Hull City in my first season in the prem and i'm currently 4th coming from 19th before I switched to this!!

What team instructions did you use?

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This is a tactic upload/download forum, why are people allowed to post threads without an upload/download link?

I agree. Without download link this thread is just useless. This is DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD THREAD. If you want to test it, ok do it without posting.

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I suspect a lot of the frustration in the delay of this tactic is due to the fact it looks so promising in the opening post and we're desperate to try it! All I can say is I hope it's worth the wait and that Fuss isn't put off posting a link by those complaining. It's Christmas, chill out!

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Hi FuSS,

Using this setup with my Arsenal team as and getting good results. What sort of defensive line, closing down and tackling do you use, and what team shape?

Ive got the shape set to flexible to transition between defence and attack, also have a normal line and, closing down sometimes, shoter passing and much lower tempo.Im playing around with 'pass in to space' as it's great for my front 3 but I don't really like it futher back

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I've won 10 in a row half way through the first season with Arsenal, conceded twice and had three 5-0's using the formation and exact player roles the FuSS has posted. I know i've got a top team squad, but im still experimenting with the set up of the team instructions, so if its been tweaked and tested alot then I'm sure FuSS tactic is great for all teams.

I'd higly recomend creating the tactic following the guidlines in the opening post, and then playing around with the team instructions to suit your team - Much more fun then just downloading and pug and play anyway!

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All the player roles and formation are in the opening post. The pictures are all just screenshots of results, games etc

I'm using -

Srtandard mentality

Flexible Team shape

Normal defensive line

Much lower tempo

More closing down

Narrow width

pass into space

No other instructions selected.

Going to play around with defensive line now but i suggest you see what fits the atributes of your defence. Also going to try changing one of the CM positions to AP attack as I need to accomodate Ozil

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