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hiring player's relatives reaction?

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Last year in my Arsenal save, the Ox wanted out badly and I was doing anything I could to keep him. I ended up hiring his father on I think it was as a coach (decent attributes too). There was no indication from Alex that he was even aware of the hire even though the father was listed as favored personnel.

Does doing this have any effect at all? I'm doing an LLM save with a similar situation and am wondering if I hire the father again if it actually does anything?

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Interesting. In my Ajax save I have two Gudelj brothers in team and I sent out an advert to find a new coach. Their father applied for job. I didn't choose him, because (although decent) I needed different style of coach, but should I try to find him a place in my backroom staff?

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Wasn't Hans Erik Ødegaard offered a job as a coach at Real Madrid in part of signing Martin Ødegaard?

Yes, he is a youth coach for Real Madrid. But, that is real life, the OP is talking about this game and the effects of hiring relatives and favored personnel of players that are already on your team.

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