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[1.0.2] Crash when trying to view transactions > draft picks

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Over the seasons I've been playing my save I've been gradually building up the number of first round picks I've got, to the point where I began the 31-32 season with all 30 first round picks*. When I go to the transactions page from my roster and try to view the draft picks page, EHM crashes. I suspect the issue is related to the fact that I have that many draft picks, not just in the forthcoming draft but the subsequent four, too. Anyway, I'm uploading my save game now (Stars_crash_1) so you can have a look.

* - incidentally, this is a major flaw in the game itself; AI GMs remain too willing to move their first rounders, particularly in draft-day trades where they will flip say, two future firsts for a first and a second in the current draft. If you look back over my trades you'll see I make a ridiculous amount of trades come draft-day, and generally come away from it with more first-round picks than I had before. Again, I'm not really sure how that would be fixed; perhaps it just needs to be better balanced? More value added to draft picks in the drafts four/five seasons from the game date?

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Thanks, located the issue from the saved game and will have it fixed for the next update.

Will also look adjusting the draft pick evaluations for trade purposes when it comes to swapping picks only.

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