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Success with a 4231 (2 dmc's, ml, mr and mc)?

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I've found myself using the above formation and realised it's not something I've seen people use on here and I've never seen the CPU AI use it either.

Any reason for this? Has anybody used it themselves to any success or was it a disaster? What team and player settings did you use?

Currently I setup as follows:

Mentality standard, fluid, normal tempo, short passing, balnced defensive line, play out of defence, look for overlap.


Lb: wingback attack

Rb: wingback attack

Cb: centre def defend

Cb: centre def defend

Dm: deep lying playmaker support

Dm: defensive midfielder defend

Lm: wide playmaker attack

Rm: wide playmaker attack

Cm: centre mid attack

St: deep lying forward support

So any thoughts and suggestions on the above. Any ideas to improve?

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Even though it's the most 'true to life' version of the 4-2-3-1 commonly employed IRL, I haven't seen many people use it and I haven't used it myself either. There are posters much more qualified than me to offer advice, but the thing that really stands out is having a DLP at DM and then two playmakers out wide as well. What is the thinking behind having the two out wide? Personally I would look at more direct runners in the MR/L positions, although this obviously depends to some extent on the team/players. Looking at the TI's, I'd potentially get rid of the 'Look for overlap' shout as well.

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The idea behind the wide playmaker is that the wingback would overlap them as they cut inside. I've found bentancur and zivkovic doing very well for me in these positions in the premiership with a newly promoted Leeds side.

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Im currently using a 4231 with my sunderland team, but i use the following


RB Wing Back Attack

LB Wing Back Attack

CB Central Defender Defend

CB Central Defender Defend

RCM Ball Winning Midfield Defend

LCM Box To Box Midfield Support

RAM Winger Support

CAM Enganche Attack

LAM Raumdeuter Attack

STR Complete Forward Attack

Team Shape

Shape Structured


Normal Tempo

Occasionally Time wasting

Width Wide


Slightly Deeper

Close down Sometimes

Build up

Clear Ball to both flanks

Exploit both flanks

Passing Mixed Direction

Be more disciplined


Hit early Crosses both sides

Shoot on sight

dribble less

stick to positions

Currently sat 6th in thr PL half way through the season beat chelsea, Man utd and liverpool.

the tactic its self could for sure use some tweaking but im not the best tactic creator in the world and this is doing the job i need for sunderland

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Test it for 5 matches and report back how it works. I'd be curious to hear. I would probably have used two WM(a) on the wings to get an inside forward effect out of them, but I have little experience with this type of tactic.

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