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Recently injured players kicking off

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My scenario is this: it's October 2015 and my captain Jordan Henderson has recently returned from a long lay-off, so I start easing him back into the team by subbing him on after 60mins for 3 matches, giving him time to build up his match fitness...suddenly Jordan goes public and kicks off about not having enough game-time, so I end up promising him plenty of matches in the near future (which he would've got anyway).

Surely, as captain and a professional, he should be coming to me privately first? Or understanding the reason why I'm not throwing him back into the team regardless of his condition? Or my ass.man should be flagging this up to me as a concern?

He has 15 leadership and his training reports says he is very professional in his general approach.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this?

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Sounds like one for the bugs forum - preferably with a save from just before he starts complaining.

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