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[FM16] Full Maltese League file

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We’re very happy to announce the release of v1.0 of the much-awaited playable Maltese league file for FM16.

How to download the file:

From this link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/uyfajw

How to install the file:

Place the file named “FM16 Malta League v1.0_0A368239-E7C4-476B-8A02-F3426B30FE32.fmf” in Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2016 / editor data. This last folder may need to be created.

If you are running Windows 8, you may have two Sports Interactive folders within Documents. Choose the one which has a folder named games and follow the step listed above

How to use the file:

When you start a new game, you should now be able to select Malta as a playable league.

Information about this file:

Data is up-to-date as of 04/12/2015.

Over 30,000 individual data edits including but not restricted to:

• Over 700 persons edited to update everything from abilities to reputation, from personal information (date of birth, hair colour etc) to contract status, from player position to transfer and history information, and much more;

• Just over 1,000 new persons added so that ALL clubs have a full squad complement, including youth team players and backroom staff where known;

• All 67 clubs massively overhauled to update everything from reputation to youth stadiums, club histories to player and goalkeeper kit colours for all clubs, and also affiliate clubs;

• All 67 clubs containing this season’s REAL players and backroom staff for maximum accuracy

• Realistic competitions, including the real-life set-up and rules for all 4 senior Maltese divisions, the 2 Gozitan divisions and Sections A to E of the YFA competitions, as well as a Gozitan youth league. (Known issue – division of points after the second round of the BOV Premier League is not possible to implement using the existing editor limitations);

• National characteristics so that wages and transfer values are as close to real-life values as possible and also to regulate future transfer movement from foreign countries and regions in a realistic manner;

• 20+ Awards added to mimic real-life awards, some of which can be voted for by the user;

• 100+ Derbies added to mimic real-life rivalries;

• 10 Stadiums added and assigned to clubs in order to correctly represent as closely as possible the real-life situation, within the limits of the editor;

• 10 Media Sources (Radio & TV stations, websites and TV programmes) added to attempt to present realistic media coverage;

As can be clearly seen, this was a massive undertaking and lots of time went into the research and preparation for this file. We’d like to thank all the persons who provided us with assistance and information with regards to data gathering. BurnCM4X from the official FM forum created the league format and other related issues, while drinu and mons collected and added all the remaining edits. If you notice any glaring mistakes, feel free to contact us so that the data may be corrected in future releases.

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These updates should have been a part of the official SI database for a few years now. The quality is impressive, with all playable leagues having full squads (even U19 players!). Will play it this year as well, great update guys!

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Hey small question, I am in my second season and I am building my squad after promotion two the second division (3rd tier) and from July on I could not offer part-time contracts (only non-contracts) and I cannot make offers for loan or transfer to players, is this normal? Is it some kind of rule in the league?

I am good in terms of finances, only spending 40% of the wage budget so that cannot be it, right?

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