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Ping - MLS Managers unhappy with Draft Quality (proposed community workaround)

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Fellow MLS-Managers,

i got the idea to simply try to edit players without displaying their names (set a filter/view that does not show it, move the game window about so that the name is not displayed while editing) but then thought of a round-about method that might be even more fun and eliminates accidental knowledge.

Thus i´d like to propose a solution to what many here perceive as a legitimate hamper in terms of the fun they get out of MLS Saves: A mutual Savegame-Adjust Plan. Basically you would send another person the save file the day after the draft-list is announced (December) and have them edit the file for you. One could come up with a general formula, or simply add a "wishlist" in terms of how many players to edit and how extensive. For example ask for 10 guys with a 140ish PA and a 10 PA bump for 15 random players from the 115-120 range (to 125-130 then) or only 5 guys above 140 but 2 outliers with 160+. Ideally one would of course also adjust the current rating(s) a little, maybe also edit the age down by a year or 2 in some cases to make it a little more realistic for those players to reach their potential.

Maybe even add a few of the highest rated 16-18 year olds to some of the MLS teams (and then edit their contract back to "amateur") to give them a better shot at enhancing their roster.

Anybody willing to have a go at this ? Maybe some more ideas for how to proceed ?

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I have no ideas to add at this time. If anyone needs me to randomly edit their draft, then let me know how I can help. I don't get many opportunities to play FM, but I will eventually get around to it .

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