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CAF African Leagues FM16 Update

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As every year I'm releasing the updates for Africa.

First of all is the "CAF African Leagues, Cups & Competitions".

All leagues have foreign rules, transfer windows, money prizes etc.

African Leagues Update - Content


Algeria (2 levels + cups)

Angola (1 level + cups)

Egypt (1 level + cups)

Ghana (1 level + cups)

Ivory Coast (1 level + cups)

Mali (1 level + cups)

Morocco (2 levels + cups)

Nigeria (1 level + cups)

Sudan (1 level + cups)

Tunisia (1 level + cups)

Uganda (1 level + cups)

Zambia (2 levels + cups)

Continental competitions



Kagame Interclub Cup


Link Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2lk7llr1b3uhiln/CAF+Leagues%2C+Cups+%26+Competitions+by+lukafanzer.rar

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Thanks for these. Are these reflecting real life competition formats?

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Also some new players?

In 2015 I've worked on database of Mali, Sudan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and a little on Nigeria's inserting 300+ players in the official database ;), but in these files there aren't new players..

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