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FM16: James Wilson


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The united lot in that thread are a fickle bunch ;) they'll go in for the big names before giving wilson some love, as I said, he needs games, which he doesn't get at utd..

it seems to be mirrored in real life....perhaps LVG and staff are some of the users on that forum:D

cant be..... he is running drills/robot training with impromptu training sessions in the evenings

I hope we get a chant at OT soon DEFEND DEFEND DEFEND !!!!!

back on topic as you say Wilson is definitely worth persevering with, rather than spend mega dosh he was being tutored by Hernandez and that worked well in one of my saves

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I signed him permanently on a free transfer from Manchester United after he had ran down his contract with them. He's been absolutely brilliant for me and has broken into the England team to become a regular upfront alongside Harry Kane. As has already been mentioned, like a lot of youngsters, he needs game time in order to develop; which he wasn't getting at Manchester United under the AI.

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Wilson is great, but Martial is banging them in, why bother using him?

Because he's not playing as United? :D

Wilson is a good player, he's just a one trick pony and he needs to be played to develop but if you play him I'm sure you'll get returns.

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