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How to represent current Barca tactics in FM?

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In wake of Barca killing Roma 6-1, I wonder what is the best representation in FM16 terms of Luis Enrique's home and away tactics, esp. tactics for 6-1 over Roma and 4-0 over Real?

I wonder what you think about general shape, team instructions, and especially player roles and instructions for MSN.

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Currently trying out something like this, here is a base tactic.



IF(A) has Close dowm much more, Roam from position and Ease off tackles, while AP(S) has Close down more, Ease off tackles, Get further forward, Roam from position and Sit narrower in PI. I have seen some Barcelona-esque team plays, but I'm still struggling with possession. High tempo doesn't help possession, but with lower tempo have only managed to achieve some type of sterile possession (although not 60+%), so I had to make a compromise. Here is a .pkm of a match against Roma, at some point I changed AP(A) to IF(S), since AP (Vazquez) wasn't inclined to join counter attacks often enough.


It would be quite nice if Cleon would post some comments on this topic, since from his analysis of matches (pkms), I have noticed that he has an eye for details that could bring the tactic closer to Barca's.

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