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Are you planning to add to the tactics 3 on 3 options. I see that the latest update allows us to nominate 1 or 2 Defence for this, but I am seeing too much of my 3 on 5 lines playing in OT rather than more offensive oriented players and would prefer to set 2 or even 3 lines.



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On the 3-on-3 OT situations the AI coaches will select lines based on the regular 5-on-5 lines, juggling the selections depending on the tactical settings for using either 2F 1D or 2D 1F. If it is a normal 3-on-3 OT situation, the coach should not be picking the actual shorthanded lines. If you think this is happening for your team, can you report it on the bug forum with a save uploaded to the ftp after such a game was played ?

With all the latest developments regarding overtime situations and other aspects of the game, the tactics module is indeed due for an overhaul to allow more flexibility with the lineup selections but at the moment it would be something to look at later on in the future.

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