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Easy balls over the top resulting in ccc's/goals

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How do I stop things like this happening, it's infuriating!!! It keeps happening - not always resulting in a goal but for decent defenders it should not be so easy:


In this game I was playing 4-1-4-1 counter attack:



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Is there an issue? If that were the case it would be the same for the ME so you could exploit the issue in return.

There is a change to the defensive line in the ME which is mentioned here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442751-Important-FM16-Tactical-Changes, so perhaps there isn't actually a problem and we just need to adapt?

@OP - you aren't playing with a high line, and the Anchorman should be giving you decent cover. Sometimes we just have to accept the opposition scored a good goal and there isn't anything we can do about it. However if you are seeing this sort of thing regularly it suggests something else may be an issue, perhaps tactical.

That short clip you posted isn't long enough, I'd be more interested in how the Chelsea player who made the pass got hold of the ball so easily and in so much space in the first place.

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It's hard to see too much from the video as it doesn't show enough build-up. Was this from a turnover of possession? I would lean to say yes because when the video starts your defenders are in position but look like they are running towards your goal. At the time the ball is played both have back to the ball, and the attacker so they are beaten by the initial surge of the striker.

In this version of the game, transitions are now key.It's no longer a case of just setting up a defence and attack. you have to also consider how you deal with losing possession. In the last few years you could afford to be sloppy, because the ME had a hard time shifting gears. Now you see the ME punish any turnover, just like in real football. Look no further than the Liverpool Westham game earlier this season.

Counter attacks are back, baby!

As an aside, the number one reason the All Blacks in rugby are so good is they target exploiting the turnover. Get the ball behind the defence before they are set, and the defender will be at a disadvantage even if they stop the first surge. Other teams recover the ball and opt to reset the game and get organised.

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I think a lot of it comes with ME problems. It's widely known that theres serious problems with regards to defenders leaving their position/ball-chasing/generally being headless chickens.

People took my thread title and ran with it. I'll keep that in mind next time. Yes, there are some issues, but the problem is not game breaking by any means. Just to play devil's advocate here... :) your video is actually pretty inconclusive evidence, because it shows none of the following:

- Why do Chelsea even have the ball at this point?

- Is this a counterattacking goal?

- If so, what had happened previously is obviously very important. Everything from the kind of possession you'd had, to their shape and mentality vs yours, all need to be taken into consideration to determine why your defenders are dealing with the opposition striker bearing down on them, and why such a pass is even being allowed to be made.

- Willian is passing the ball to Costa, but who passed the ball to Willian first, and why was he in space to receive it? Why is he basically running freely at the time he made the pass? There appear to be no defenders within 8yds of him. Who had possession in your team when you lost the ball, and why was there a change of possession? All of these must be looked at.

- I'm also going to disagree slightly with herne79 and say that you are playing against a team that can counter, and that you are not being cautious enough with your defensive line.

Let's have a look at Diego Costa and Willian for that matter:

Costa: 14 Acceleration, 15 Pace, 16 Anticipation, 20 Determination, 17 Off the Ball, 17 Work Rate, 14 Dribbling

Willian: 16 Acceleration, 18 Pace, 15 Off the Ball, 20 Work Rate, 18 Dribbling, 16 Determination

Hazard: 18 Acceleration, 16 Pace

Costa may not be a pure speed merchant, but he's still a threat on the counter, and likely to be in the right place to receive a ball put over the top... especially if you've already noticed the opposition making counterattacking moves with direct passes earlier in the game, and especially due to the fact that he has two other quick players around him to play the ball to in a counter move.

I still don't like what I perceive to be an unwarranted lack of anticipation and sudden slowing down of the defenders in that clip when the ball is played to Costa, but I think that it's a case where 'events' need a bit of balancing in the ME, which is far from broken at the moment despite my moans. To answer your first question though, I think you need to answer the other questions that I've posed above as the first step in sorting out your defense and possibly questioning your system against teams that are a threat to counter.

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I'm no expert by any means but I see you've got a counter tactic with press much more therefore I'm thinking you might sometimes be left with a big gap between your deep defenders and high pressing midfield. (although the pressing brings them up it sort of is being negated by the deeper line aspect of a counter tactic) Therefore your midfielders are generally pressing really high up as per the instruction but your defenders are starting from a deep position therefore your defenders as a result push up themselves to close the gap and also to respond to ur tactic.

Therefore as a guess I'd say there is space in midfield (especially between the lines) for their central attacker to play the pass and ur central defenders are thinking to press up the pitch at that instant meaning any ball played behind is effective as ur defenders are pushing up instead of covering the run and their striker attacks behind this space.

This is just a theory though without watching multiple instances , this may not be the case at all but was my personal first instinct.

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Notwithstanding any space left by my midfield, a simple ball over the top in a 2v1 situation like that, where the striker is in front of the defenders, who are both well positioned and aware of the striker, just shouldn't happen at premiership level.

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