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What's wrong with this tactic?

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Away games this is useless. Getting hammered, can't create anything.

Home games, no 0possession and no chances created against the poorest of teams. I do not understand why doesn't this tactic work??

Basically I can't create enough chances. And I mean none. I can not dominate ****** teams. Like I,m playng home against Empoli and can't get more than 45% possession with control,short pass and retain possession TI!!

If I score two goals ,it is a bloody miracle.

Away games? Well, I'm getting destroyed by ****** teams. Bigger teams have like two goal advantage by the 30th minute. Why?

I use no PI. Only this you see at screenshots, and WBL is on support usually.

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Not enough info. If you want help then put effort into the thread, if not then it will be closed as no-one can help you unless you are detailed and provide examples and discuss what you're having issues with.

Read this and please add more detail to the opening post.


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