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Cannot Run Game: Failed to set up graphics system

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We suggest trying each of the following. After each stage is done, try the game again before trying the next one. If you still have issues, move onto the next suggestion and complete it. Please do try them all - if you skip a step you may not resolve your issue.

- Make sure your Graphics Card drivers and installed and fully up to date

- If running on a laptop with dual graphics cards, make sure they are configured for the correct card to run with FM

- Make sure your Anti-Virus isn’t interfering with Steam or FM as this can cause problems when installing or launching the game

- Make sure your Windows Updates, DirectX and Net Framework are installed and up to date

- Make sure any conflicting programs have been uninstalled

If you have completed all of the above without being able to resolve your issue please raise a support ticket with Sega by contacting them at help@sega.co.uk. Please include as many details as possible and list any troubleshooting techniques you’ve tried already so they can help you in the most efficient way.

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