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What am i Doing Wrong on the FM16 Beta? I Can't Get Results at All

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Okay, so i've played FM handheld a lot in previous years, with much success but i recently pre-ordered FM16 and have been playing the beta over the past week or so.

I've now had 3 different saves (Villarreal, Schalke and Deportivo) and on each one i've been totally garbage and really cannot understand why. And no i am not a lunatic playing my players out of position with 0 tactics, i have a rather good understanding of real football but i just cant play well on this game for the life of me.

Being new to the full PC version there's obviously something i'm probably doing completely wrong that's obvious to most but what is it? i'm playing my players in the correct position with the preferred roles, i'm not playing strange formations (4123, 4231 and 442 Diamond are what i've predominantly used), i'm making signings that fit into my team's quality, i'm changing tactics in-game and i'm also listening to what my coaches have to say as well. I also won all through pre-season, albeit against far lower opposition, so my player's morale began high, What am i doing wrong or need to do???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Any number of things... without seeing your tactic and seeing your familiarity to the tactic etc, it's impossible to say..

Suggest you head over to Tactics and Training, they can help you there with a little more information and some time.

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