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Indian Super league FM16?

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With India being a playable country how come there isn't an option to select the Indian Super league as a playable league.

Because the Hero Indian Super League is not an official league of the country. It's a franchise that was started for the purpose to grow football in a country that is madly in love with cricket, to push and maybe inculcate future Indian football superstars. Although the AIFF (All Indian Football Federation equivalent of the FA) is planning to push the franchise to make it the top tier Indian league in the future. I'm sure a mod that makes you play the league would be released soon. But it messes with the ACTUAL league set-up so I don't usually download it. Eg- teams from Super League qualifying for continental competition but in actuality it's a stand alone non-official league. Plus it's short.... like 2/3 months.... so meh!! =D

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