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[15.12b] Issue with wording of game that pleases board


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Hey guys, another quick one:

The subject heading for a message that appears in the inbox when the board is pleased with a victory looks like this:

"game pleases Maple Leafs Board"

I suggest that the g in game be capitalized and consideration given to lower-casing the b in Board


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Just another wording issue that I've come across. Message is regarding a career milestone:

"The game against Avalanche was a new milestone for Maple Leafs'...."

Suggest inserting "the" before "Avalanche" and before "Maple Leafs" so that it reads better. Alternatively, replace Avalanche with "Colorado" (and Maple Leafs with "Toronto"). OR add "forward" following Maple Leafs' so that it would read: "...milestone for Maple Leafs' forward Tyler Bozak..."

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