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Right all, with the FM year coming to an end I'm looking for one final game for a couple of months to keep me interested. I've got a few concepts running around in my head but having spoke to deltablue, it's probably not wise to start one of them now with people's interest in this years FM slowly dwindling.

However, I have always enjoyed the thought of just managing a side and letting my chairman/director of football make all my transfers for me and I would just take charge of the tactical side of things with the squad I am given. Unfortunately this doesn't always work in principal as chairman/director of footballs usually sign too many players or staff that aren't needed. Another issue I've noticed is they won't accept bids all the time unless instructed by the manager which again doesn't help.

So that's where you guys/girls come in(for those that are interested and read this thread :D). You will make my staff and player transfers in terms of what I can offer wage wise, contract length wise and what sort of players are sold. Due to so many FM players having differing opinions, I will shortlist possible signings for both staff and players. From there, you would vote on what I can offer and who I sign. Hopefully it should be an interesting save as to how this works.

The first thing that needs picking for me is the team. Due to my dislike of managing in most countries apart from England, that is where I will start. The team can be selected from the Championship or the Premier League. I'm going to be running a large database consisting of all leagues from Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland and Spain. Other aspects of the save will include 'attribute masking', 'do not add key staff' and 'add players to playable teams'. This are all ticked or unticked accordingly so they don't happen.

So, for those of you who are interested, please recommend a team for me to be and then the full will hopefully begin. If you have any ideas as to how this could work better than please suggest them. As deltablue has already.

I apologise for the bad thread title as well. Again, if you have any improvements for this, then please suggest them.

Recommended Teams

Middlesbrough - Cougar2010

Brighton - deltablue

Nottingham Forest - rancer890

Sheffield Wednesday - withnail316

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Did I hear someone mention Derby :D

On a serious note I think you should use a small database, it will make the transfer market better and make it easier to sell players.

As for a team I'm going to vote Middlesbrough as I don't think I've seen a career with them for a long time.

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Considering Gillingham aren't in the Championship or Premier League, your choice is void. You have one more free choice :D.

The obvious choice is your username. I'll have a lot of fun making decisions to wind you up about your favourite club. :D

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Assuming there aren't any more late entries, I'm going to decide my team like this.

Middlesbrough vs Brighton

Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield Wednesday

Middlesbrough and Forest will take heads whilst Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday will take tails. The winner of A will take heads whilst the winner of B will take tails.

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Ok with that choice then. Middlesbrough it is.


So here is my management profile to start off with.


The pre-board meeting information is as follows.


Nice steady wage to start off with and as expected only a year contract for now. Middlesbrough have a rich history of bringing youth players through and giving them a chance to shine. I'll be looking to do that but don't particularly want the added pressure of it being a board expectation. I'll be looking to get this removed during my meeting.

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Wow! That's a horrendous amount. Makes you wonder if they'll ever be debt-free. Still leaning towards Wednesday though, tbh.

Sorry withnail, I chose Boro. deltablue had the casting vote. Kind of apt really, I'm sure he would have banned anyone who would have disagreed :D.

In terms of Brighton's debt, I think a lot of it is chairman and stadium based so they could well become debt free eventually.

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Middlesbrough FC

Initial Board Meeting

So my initial board meeting went well and it was identified that I would be expected to reach the play-offs during this campaign. The board had decided that a transfer budget of £800k and a wage budget of £275k would be sufficient in achieving their expectations.


Of the current wage budget we're spending £267,074 out of a possible £282,815. So we have about £15,000 in the wage budget left to play with should we need it.

We're currently over subscribed in the coaching department for all three levels at the club whilst we're at our limit in the scouting department. From my initial meeting I asked whether this could be increased but the board rejected both due to financial reasons. However we currently don't have an Under 18s Manager or an Under 18s Assistant Manager.


Starting financials don't look to healthy so we may have to be clever with our money for the immediate future.


First Team

Currently the first team squad looks like this.



Out of the first team squad the only player transfer listed is Jonathan Woodgate, should I keep him and untransfer list him? Emmanuel Ledesma has some interest in him but that's only from Bolton and Brighton.

Here is how I would like my team to set up in terms of formation and style.



Full first team squad breakdown is;

GKs: Dimi & Tomas

RBs: Fredericks, Damia & Nsue

LBs: Friend & Husband

CBs: Woodgate, Omeruo, Kalas, Gibson & Ayala

CMs: Whitehead, Forshaw, Clayton & Leadbitter

AMRs: Adomah & Ledesma

AMLs: Reach & Tomlin

STCs: Bamford, Vossen & Kike

Under 21s

Here is the Under 21s squad as it stands. Would there be anyone you would promote from there into the first team. Would there be anyone you would look to sell?



Under 18s

Here is the under 18s squad as it stands.


Backroom Staff

Here are all my current backroom staff. Would there be anyone that you would terminate the contracts of? Do you think I should extend the contracts of any staff in particular?


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