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New Team Creation - CA problems

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I've created a team in the Vanarama South and added a group of new players into it, aged 19-24. I want the players to be representative of their division, without my needing to know what their CA is. Loading up one of my saves a guide, I see that the CA range for that division is approx. 30-90, so an average of 60 is expected, especially for the players nearer 24 years old. I initially set all the new players PA to -6 but it seems almost impossible for the generated CA to get over 45. In fact, I usually end up with half a dozen players in the sub-20 range, easily the lowest in the division when I check that, and all the remainder in the bottom third of the divisional ratings (my last test even had a player with 9 CA and 107 PA). The only way I seem to get CA above 50 is to set their PA between -8 and -10, but I don't want to do that as I'm sure they'll all be poached away in the first window.

The editor gives Recommended Current Ability of between 50-100 for these players, but doesn't come close to generating those figures when the game is created.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to generate a more representative CA range for these players without manually entering them myself?

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In my experience CA and PA of generated players are affected by a combination of factors:

A) team reputation

B) nation reputation

C) quality of club's training facilities

In addiction, the quality of the youth training facilities will influece the ability of future regens coming in the youth team.

Since the nationality of all the teams in your division is obviously the same, I think you have to check and increase A or C, to have better CA and PA for the players in your team

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Thanks for your suggestions nom.

It looks like it's a combination of all the facilities to some degree. Setting all (Training, Yth Coaching, Yth Facilities and Yth Recruitment) to 20, I got an average 30-80 CA across 3 new saves (with a club rep of 2000 - the middle of the Conf Sth range). Putting 20 in training but everything else on 1 got me around 8-60 CA. 20 in YC and all else at 1 actually gave better results, never going into single figures, but still with lots of low rated players. 20T/20YC/1YF/1YR was more like it, with a 21-85 CA range.

In the end I've gone for 15 in all categories. It's probably a bit overpowered for the regional divisions, but gives me a 28-75 range.

I've noticed an oddity with the 'be_a_newgen' player creation though. With all the values at 15 as above, I have 3 players (all -7 PA) set to come through in the first batch. I'm reloading a Mar 4th save date for when they come through on Mar 5th. Strangely, each time they have the same PA - the striker always has 127 PA (CA 26-41), the midfielder 133 PA (21-41 CA) and the defender 114 PA (20-47 CA) despite it supposedly being random. As I say, it's odd, but I don't think I'll spend any time trying to work that one out!

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