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Confused! Are these tablets at argos compatible?

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I'm really sorry guys, I posted this in the technical issues forum then noticed this general discussion and think it would be better here, anyway...

I have looked at the compatible devices page here but can't figure it out :confused:

Firstly, I don't want an apple device, I don't like them and now have so much stuff through the play store I would like to stick with android!

I have a nexus 7 tablet that I love so really don't need anything overpriced, I just want a tablet with a minimum screen size of 9" (preferably 10") that will run FMC 2015 and ideally 2016 whilst a decent set of speakers on it would be good too for when I'm watching skygo!

I have found the following that look fairly priced at argos and I could pick up today however I'm not sure if these are on the list as Argos seem to name all there tablets slightly differently to all other stores which is making me hold off buying, any help would be greatly appreciated, these are the tablets:

Samsung galaxy tab 4, 10.1" tablet - I think this may work.

Lenovo A10, 10.1" tablet - I also think this may work.

Acer Iconia tab 10 A3-A20, 10.1" tablet - Pretty sure this doesn't work but confirmation would help as I'm not that clued up and if it does well it's another possible option!

Lenovo YOGA tablet 2, 10.1" - This definitely works but does anyone have one? If so any issues or does it run fine?

Also, any suggestions for tablets in the £200 and under price bracket with a minimum 9" screen would be appreciated too if the above aren't that good...

Thanks for any help :thup:

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I'm not sure that any of the first three are supported - our supported device list is the full exact list and they all appear to be different models.

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Cool, so if I do buy a tablet today I'm best avoiding the first three then?

I was hoping at least one of the three I was unsure of would be compatible but I suppose it makes my choice that bit easier seeing as I only have one option now, thanks :)

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