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Apologies if this has already been asked or if it's in the wrong part of the forum, but I have two issues.

Firstly, I started up a Sunderland save, first couple of seasons was abit of a struggle but now I've got a decent side, won the Europa League and qualified for the Champs League 3 out the last 4 seasons, the problem is that now whenever I play a weakened side even if I win, hammered Boro 5-0, the fans are "disappointed to see a weaken team". In all my years of going to the football if we beat a rival by 5 goals, the last thing on my mind would be to be disappointed about the team fielded.

Secondly, what's the deal with the AI teams signing players for big money only to stick them in the reserves? In the last two seasons I have sold someone to Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City for between 18-50 million, yet they have barely made any appearances for their new clubs.

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Regarding the second point.

Its an 'issue' with how tranfsers and teamselection works. AI clubs buy players based on their form/match ratings and select their first team on Current ability. These are two different things. You are overachieving with your sunderland side and following this the AI clubs will bid for your players who are obviously in form and getting high match ratings. Once they have bought your players, the AI clubs forget form and look purely at CA when selecting teams.

This results in high performing players with low CA being bought for a lot of money and never getting a game.

Sorry for my crappy english.

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