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(15.7.1) Players signing bad contracts

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yes, this is definitely a major issue, it makes the Salary Cap almost useless

Don't agree that it makes the Salary Cap useless. What's wrong with the Salary Cap, is that it doesn't raise between seasons, but the player salaries does. Played 25% of season 2, and Andy Greene, Josh Harding, Lubo Visnovsky, Brenden Morrow, Martin St Louis, Michal Roszival, David Moss, Shawn Horcoff, Shane O'Brien, Jay McClement, Michael Bournival, Jake Allen, Tanner Pearson, Yannick Weber, Braden Holtby, Michal Repik, Matt Calvert, amongst others, is still unsigned. In my opinion, that is an even bigger problem.

Also, Boston Bruins (started with fantasy draft) had to let Jonathan Toews go as an Unrestricted Free Agent after the first season. What's even more remarkable is that by the 8th july, no team had offered him a contract. I freed up some space and signed him as the only interested team. He's perfect in my second line. ;)

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I had the same issue with Stamkos in my game. After two seasons he became UFA (won the Art Ross previous season), but no team offered him a contract, because they didn't have the cap space. Remained unsinged until August. I signed him then. He was also not really willing to lower his salary expectations, despite not getting any offers for almost 2 months.

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