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[FM15] The Hart Chronicles - Volume I: Paul Hart's Alphabet Career

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I'm coming in for the first time and splashing my entire £10 on PSG. Boom.

I echo this and would like to place my first ever bet of £10 on PSG please.

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First bet £3 on Porto please.

First time posting but been keeping up to date with this, not that I want to poke holes in it but wasn't there a rule you have to spent a year on a letter before moving on?

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First bet £3 on Porto please.

First time posting but been keeping up to date with this, not that I want to poke holes in it but wasn't there a rule you have to spent a year on a letter before moving on?

Ain't nobody got time for that!

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I'm glad there's a second option at least, would be kind of a spoiler if we all knew the ending to the story!
Or Zaragoza maybe. Or Zurich, so there are actually more opportunities than with X, for example :D

Zaragoza are currently unplayable for me as they've been relegated to the 3rd tier of Spain - I think I'd probably count them as an 'R' anyway tbf. Not got the Swiss League loaded either unfortunately :(

I'm managing Zawisza Bydgoszcz... Why not?



Where are they from? Poland?

X looks like the only one where there will just be one to choose from as Xanthi are currently the only ones. Xerex don't seem likely to become playable.

Y is the next worse off one, currently just Yenisey of the Russian PL and then League 2 sides York and Yeovil. Bit of a shame for Yeovil as they briefly had a time where they were a mid-table side in the Championship, but this since went down for a second time and are back where they started at the start of the game in League 2.

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Y is the next worse off one, currently just Yenisey of the Russian PL and then League 2 sides York and Yeovil. Bit of a shame for Yeovil as they briefly had a time where they were a mid-table side in the Championship, but this since went down for a second time and are back where they started at the start of the game in League 2.

Young Boys (Switzerland) & Young Lions (Singapore)?

also Zulte-Waregem (Belgium) as a possible Z.

Isn't the real tricky problem going to be these jobs becoming available though.

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Not got any of those leagues loaded, may have to look into loading them if things get long. Yeah the real problem will be waiting for people to get sacked - could be a Juventus scenario where I'm stuck at one club for many years waiting for the next one to come available.

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Congratulations to LeedsUnitedFan2, nie jem frytek, ExeChris, jim owen, andychar, Koetzer and Wavelberry who all correctly guessed Porto! 7 winners from one round which beats the record of 5 set in the last round.

LeedsUnitedFan2 sees his incredible losing streak finally end, which also sees him escape the bottom spot - though that was influenced more by Nobby's huge loss. nie jem frytek's 2nd consecutive win sees him take a firm lead at the top of the bankrupt table. ExeChris needed to win this bet to avoid the dreaded bankruptcy and he'll be pleased to see this 4 loss streak is over and he escapes the bottom of the table.

jim owen, andychar and Koetzer all made their first bet a winning bet - with jim owen flying up to 3rd place, whilst Koetzer sits in 4th, with andychar at least sitting in the top 10. Wavelberry picked up his 3rd winning bet so far and his win this time sees him move into 6th.

Meanwhile it was bad news for Maw74, Orikoru, Bitner, Mr Adam, RSJ, apchivers and Nobby_McDonald as they all made incorrect guesses.

Maw74 sees his excellent 3 win run come to a crashing end and he's plummeted down the table. Orikoru is now playing a very dangerous game as has just £1 left to play with. Bitner's cautious bet appears to have been a smart move as he has seen a very minimal loss in stature. Mr Adam and RSJ may wish they'd been as cautious, as they both went big on their first bets and have both gone home bankrupt.

Nobody went quite as big as Nobby_McDonald though, his risk didn't pay off as he now sits right at the bottom of the bankrupt table. He may have to even bigger next time to rise back up the table. apchivers lost too, he's been the most successful player so far - but he is now reduced to just being joint 1st with SounessTash. He may have to look over his shoulder as with the emergence of the likes of jim owen and Koetzer as top of the table contenders, he may well have fierce competition for his top spot.



  • Every poster starts this thread with £10 to spend on BET-PH71.
  • You can only make one bet in each round.
  • You can use this money to bet on each different BET-PH71 when I move to a new club.
  • You can bet as much or as little as you like on each one.
  • If you select the winning club then you get the profit/winnings added to your overall total.
  • Once you go bust that's it - you're out!


Username       Bets Made      Bets Won     Bets Lost     Balance
apchivers         12              6            6         £35.00
SounessTash        4              2            2         £35.00
jim owen           1              1            0         £28.00
Koetzer            1              1            0         £25.00
glennuk            1              1            0         £23.95
Wavelberry         9              3            6         £20.00
deltablue          7              4            3         £19.00
andychar           1              1            0         £19.00
Bitner             2              1            1         £10.00
sherwinriga        6              2            4         £10.00
GDH38              1              0            1          £8.00
MDH2001            1              0            1          £8.00
DB08               3              0            3          £7.00
ManUTactician247   2              0            2          £7.00
DodgeeD            6              1            5          £5.00
Lenzar             3              0            3          £5.00
Cougar2010         3              0            3          £5.00
grindline          1              0            1          £5.00
Maw74              8              3            5          £4.00
Maaka              4              1            3          £4.00
ExeChris           5              1            4          £4.00
Orikoru            2              0            2          £1.00
nie jem frytek     3              2            1         £30.00 (BANKRUPT)
Mr Adam            1              0            1          £0.00 (BANKRUPT) 
RSJ                1              0            1          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
Northernpilgrim    2              2            0          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
dllu               2              0            2          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
nomorezen          2              0            2          £0.00 (BANKRUPT) 
Kalemlyco          7              0            7          £0.00 (BANKRUPT)
LeedsUnitedFan2    9              1            8         £-9.00 (BANKRUPT)
Nobby_McDonald     3              0            3       £-105.00 (BANKRUPT) 

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As the season came to end I started looking at the P clubs to see what was happening. PSG had just won a domestic treble and their manager, Besnik Hasi, was "Very Secure" so that was that out of the question. PSV won the Eredivisie so there didn't seem to be a return to Holland on the cards. At this point I thought I might as well see how Portugal do at the Euros, because as Porto appear on my job screen under F as "FCP" I forgot about them.

Then I saw this in inbox...


My old friend from Napoli (:mad:) got sacked once again. I checked Palermo and saw they came 13th in Serie A, so that means they aspire for better than that. I was pleased to have got CL football with Olympiakos but thought this might be the best opportunity I get for a while. So I applied for the job.



The board weren't happy but what can you do?

I was surprised to see that I didn't get the job and they instead hired the relatively inexperienced David Alaba instead. But then I realized that the only reason Palermo didn't go for me was because they couldn't afford to pay the compensation to Olympiakos to take me away.

I was pretty annoyed at myself as I could easily have resigned and taken the job - but I thought, well we've qualified for the Champions League anyway. I can stay another season and see how Portugal get on at the Euros and maybe take that job.

I then got swarmed with job offers as I usually do, rejecting the likes of CSKA Moscow, Valencia and Real Madrid for the third season in a row. But in this midst of wrong letters I noticed an interview from "FCP". It took me a few seconds to realize my unbelievable luck. They'd finished 3rd and sacked their manager without me noticing - yet more or less offered me the job anyway :D

I took the interview and then immediately resigned.




And so my journey in Portugal begins. I'm not sure how long I will be here but as there are only jobs with Q.P.R and then Queen of the South and Queen's Park of the Scottish League 1 available. Neither of the Scottish ones are particularly appealing, especially as I'd quite like to get Real Madrid for 'R' and I'm not sure how keen they'd be on hiring a Scottish League 1 manager no matter how big his reputation is. Q.P.R might be a godsend though as true to life they've very much been a yo-yo side in the entirety of my game - they've just been promoted to the Premier League, but pretty much every time they've got promoted to it they've been relegated in their 1st or 2nd season anyway. So fingers crossed it happens again.

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Just one departure of note this summer. An MC, Jose Moniz, left to join my old club Ipswich. I didn't plan to sell him but he started crying cause he wanted to join a Russian club that were in the CL, can't remember which one, but I said I'd let him go if they coughed up £10M - after all I could replace him for far less than that and get some more transfer money. They didn't. Ipswich did though so I was more than happy to let him leave to join my old side. Ipswich only came 11th last season so hopefully this guy can boost their fortunes this season.


The squad wasn't all that great so I significantly strengthened it over the summer. I signed a lot of Brazilian players because they're cheap and well, that's what Portuguese clubs do, right?

Caio Henrique was the most expensive, he's a 27 year old CB who will instantly become our strongest CB. Tinguinha, a 29 CM (not the Tinguinha that was part of my famous Juve side) was signed to replace the departing Jose Moniz. Tinguinha is a talented lad and will hopefully do well in our midfield. Palhinha was signed for £5.5M, the 26 year old will be our first choice keeper - he's pretty decent and far better than the guy that we had before.

Killian Morillas was one of few non Brazilians signed. He's a 24 year old Spanish guy and will be our new CAM, he's a pretty good all round player so I have relatively high hopes for him. Felipe Jose was our final Brazilian signing, the 26 year old will be our new RW, he's looked very impressive so far and absolutely loves a dive. Graziano Mondo was signed on the cheap to be our back-up DM - I've actually worked with him before, he came through the Academy at Juventus and was used as an emergency back-up DM. He's not done much with his career since getting enough games to get an Italian Cup trophy with us, he's floated around average Serie A sides and played in Holland for FC Groningen. He's with us now though and may get back to winning ways with me. Adam will of course be looking forward to doing the same thing, it cost me £300K to prize him from Greece, which takes his overall transfer fees up to £1.7M.

A key battle of the transfer window was hanging onto striker 22 year old Portuguese striker Marcelao who has risen up from Porto's youth Academy. He had a lot of big sides interested him after scoring 31 goals in 49 games for Porto in all competitions last season. I set a price tag of £26M for him, nobody got anywhere near that so nobody got him, despite protests from him. He's got 4 years left on his contract so the way I see it is if they want him they have to cough up the cash.


Our league season has started pretty well. I won my first game 2-1 away at Estoril, the away side did fight back after half-time and tbf to them they were unlucky not to get anything out of it as we nearly conceded several times late on. Our first home game of the season was a raging success, we battered Leiria 6-0 with new signing Filipe Jose getting a fantastic hat-trick. We were very fortunate to get a point away at Sporting Lisbon, had it not been for a dive from Felipe Jose to win a penalty, we would not have scored as we looked poor. Felipe Jose wasn't content with us just getting a point, as he dived for a penalty again in the 89th minute, unfortunately this time he got caught and he subsequently received a 2nd yellow card and got sent off :D


Benfica are looking very strong so far, since the save game started they've won 18 of the 23 Portuguese PL titles, including the last 6 in a row. They'll take some stopping!

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A great start to the Europa League as we've won both games 2-0 with relative ease.


We're top of the group with a Besiktas double-header on the way. They've lost to Partizan themselves which would imply they're not all that good.


A month full of goals in the league. There were two hat-tricks from Marcelao, his 31 minute hat-trick against Braga was the most beneficial as we won 4-1 to claim our only 3 points of the month in the league. We could only draw with Nacional Madeira which was unfortunate. The home game against Benfica was absolutely mental though, we just couldn't keep the down even despite Marcelao's hat-trick. Caio Henrique's header made it 4-2 in the 78th minute, but Benfica would not accept defeat and they got two back.


Gil Vicente are in incredible form for a side who finished as low as 13th last season.

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We were victorious in our first meeting with Besiktas, thanks largely to a brace from Marcelao.



We progressed in the Portuguese Cup thanks to a 3-0 win over Feirense.


Marcelao secured two braces in the league this month with varying success, he only secured as a point away to Beleneses, but he did make sure we got the 3 points at home to our feeder side Penafiel.


Gil Vicente and Nacional Madeira continue to overachieve. We're still unbeaten :cool:

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Another comfortable win against lower league opposition in the Portuguese Cup.


We very nearly lost in Turkey but Marcelao equalised to give us a point. We then smashed Elfsborg 4-0 with Gustavinho getting a fantastic hat-trick.


We're guaranteed to top the group whatever happens against Partizan in our final match.


A big month in the league. We picked up a decent point away to Vit. Guimaraes before comfortably beating Moreinese 3-0. We then faced a massive test against the in-form high flying Gil Vicente away from home - a real test for both ourselves and them. We came out on tap after a tightly fought match, we won 2-0 and subsequently leap frogged them in the table.


Very tight up there

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We capped off our Europa League group stage with a 3-0 win in Partizan, with another hat-trick in a season full of them for Marcelao.


We topped the group and will face Shakhtar in the next round. By no means an easy tie and it will be a big challenge.


Sporting Lisbon are in fine form in the league so I was a bit concerned going into this match, especially as I didn't realize it would be like a Champions League group stage thing - I wrongly assumed this was a straight knockout match. I'm not sure if they rested players, but for a side who has done so well in the league they were one of the worst sides we've played all season here. We won 4-1 without any issue.



Well this was pretty easy. Santa Clara haven't been great this season but they've not been bad enough to warrant a 7-1 mauling, though that was what they received in this game. Filipe Jose even got a hat-trick, Adam even was nice enough to offer up his penalty (which would've been his first Porto goal) so that the winger could secure his hat-trick and the match ball.


Another good month in the league saw us win twice in a row, away to Maritimo, and then at home to Rio Ave, with Tinguinha penalties in both games helping us to victory. We could only muster a draw against Academica however.


Sporting Lisbon are flying high at the top still. We're still unbeaten, yet as a result of drawing quite a lot we're still 5 points behind them, with Madeira hot on our tail and Benfica not far back either. It should certainly be a very exciting title race.

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Benfica not doing so well interestingly enough given you were building up their threat.

Yeah not really sure why they've not been so great. Still wary of them as they must be good to have won the league as many times as they have.

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We won our other League Cup games comfortably to top the group and make the Semi Final



An absolute horror story. Estoril are bottom of the table and are absolute pony. We struggled to get at them in this game, it was 1-1 for ages until a hilariously bad goal kick from their keeper fell to Adam in the 89th minute, Adam hit it first time from 50 yards and it went flying into the open goal to make it 2-1 and give us what looked like a winner. However straight from kick off they came back at us, crossed it into the box and their striker pulled off an out of this world over head kick to take it to extra-time. It ended up going to penalties where we managed to lose it, giving us our first loss in all competitions all season. Although the game technically doesn't count it as a loss :brock:


We had a very good month in the league though. Two big away wins against Santa Clara and Arouca before smashing Vit Setubal at home, and then getting some revenge on Estoril for our cup exit.


February is going to be a really big month for us as we have some big games coming up against Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and Nacional de Madeira which are all sandwiched inbetween the games with Shakhtar in the Europa League.

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Our Europa League campaign is over. We were poor in Ukraine, losing 4-2, despite scoring 2 away goals, conceding 4 was always gonna be hard to overturn in the second leg. We actually came 1 goal away from going through, Mondo made it 2-1 in the 90th minute, if we'd got anther one after we'd have been through.


A horrendous month in the league. We not only lost our unbeaten run to Benfica, but we then lost 2-1 twice in a row in home games to Sporting Lisbon and Madeira.


This has had a huge affect on the table and puts us down to 4th.


The one saving grace of this month was a 4-1 win over Arouca to put us into the final of the League Cup, where we will play Benfica.

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A solid month after a horrific February. We dropped points just once, away to Braga, winning the other four games we played. I'm not sure if having no cup or European distractions helped us out this month, but it probably did.


This has seen us rise up the table to 2nd. We're 5 points behind Madeira with 7 games left, it's theirs to lose at this point. Sporting Lisbon have a game in hand on us that they could over take us with if they win.

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An excellent month in the league sees us get 9 points from 9, Marcelao in fine form and Adam scoring his 2nd of the season.


Madeira still top the table by 5 points though, with 4 points left it is still very much theirs to lose. We both have pretty decent runs, both of us could feasibly win all 4 of our games. Even if we did, it doesn't seem likely that Madeira would drop 5 points, but we just have to win our games and see what happens. Madeira have never won the league before, so this actually would be a historic victory for them. I don't mind a bit of Madeira cake from time to time so fair play to them if they end up winning it, seem a nice enough club and would rather they win it than Benfica or Sporting Lisbon who are more traditionally big rival sides with Porto I think.


A victory against Benfica ensured that we will definitely not end the season trophyless. It was a dramatic game that saw a very late winner from substitute Felipe Branco to bring home my first and possibly only trophy here at Porto.

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We've won our first 2 of 4 final league games, both quite comfortably, with Marcelao getting hat-tricks in both of them.

Meanwhile over in Madeira...


They've absolutely choked it and lost two massive games in their hunt for a first ever title!


This puts us top and with two games to go each it is now ours to lose!

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We've beaten Arouca 3-2 at home in our penultimate game...


We travel to 9th place Vit. Setubal in our final game, if we win then we are guaranteed to be champions for the first time in 9 years. Madeira meanwhile travel to 14th place Gil Vicente hoping to win their first ever title.

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Well that was pretty tense.

Our first choice keeper got injured in training just days before our final game, our 2nd choice has been injured for a while, so a really really **** 17 year old Academy player had to make his full debut in the title deciding game... no pressure mate :D

It was 0-0 in both games until the 73rd minute which had us top by a point, when suddenly Madeira took the lead in their game. This put them top by a point, meaning we had to grab a goal if we wanted to win the title.

I went absolutely all out attack to grab a goal, a risky strategy especially with a rookie in goal but I didn't have much choice or much to lose really.


Our substitute Killian Morillas popped up with a shot from out of the box that flew in, which in the end, was enough to crown us as champions!


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Well done on the title with FCP that was a great battle.



Oh yes that is one of the best things I have seen on here, only thing that beats that is Chavski getting relegated and I have seen that in my games anyway.

Also if you have seen my update on here then you know full well it happens to the mighty Spurs as well, actually worse as they slipped down to league 2.:eek:

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Chelsea have come very close to going down in my save, came 17th once but haven't gone down just yet. Spurs have gone down once thankfully :cool:

Spurs ending up in League 2 sounds pretty good.

There doesn't seem to be too many big falls in my game. Bolton are in League 2 but that seems to be about it. A teams have risen a bit though - Southend have been pushing for promotion to to the Premier League for a while now, whilst Bradford, Fleetwood, Newport County and Luton are all established Championship sides now.

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Season 23 (P)orto


I'd put this down as a pretty damn successful first season at Porto. I was disappointed to go out of the Portuguese Cup to a crap relegation side, it was also a bit of a shame to go out of the Europa League as early as we did, but to win the league after not looking like we would for ages was absolutely massive. League Cup trophy as well as icing on the cake. There's Champions League football next season so hopefully if we hold on to our best players we have some money to spend this summer to strengthen further.

Squad 1, Squad 2

GK - Palinha was a great signing for £5.5M. He did well this season, to the extent that the Brazil manager gave him his first 3 caps for his country. He played every game apart from the crucial league decider that he was injured for.

DR - Emerson Luiz is a very promising 24 year old Brazilian RB, he's impressive technically for a full back and is pretty good in most other areas. He was probably the most impressive defender we had and it's no surprise that he's being courted by Barcelona.

DL - Alex is another good young Brazilian defender, at 23 he had a good year for us and is attracting attention from the likes of Napoli and Juventus.

DC - Our CB pairing was 24 year old Andre Luis, and the man I signed for £12.75M, 28 year old Caio Henrique. They were both ever presents in the team and were both very good this season.

DM - Graziano Mondo was signed to be a back-up DM for just £1.5M, but due to poor performances from the other DM he actually ended up being first choice. He had a decent season but he's definitely the main weak link in the side.

MC - Tinguinha was signed for £6M in the summer and he proved to be a great buy. A really great midfielder who contributed massively in goals and assists, with 17 goals (admittedly 12 penalties) and 14 assists.

AMR - Felipe Jose was signed for just £4.2M and what a signing the the 27 year old proved to be. He ended the season with 23 goals and 31 assists, as well as winning countless penalties and free-kicks thanks to his diving. He was great and one of our best players this season in a team of players that played very well.

AML - Gustavinho was our left winger, he wasn't as impressive as Felipe Jose and is pretty non existent defensively and in the air, but he did end the season with 12 goals and 10 assists.

CAM - 20 year old Bruno Lourenco is a product of the youth Academy and he made a real effort to become part of the first team this season. With 34 starts at CAM he was our most used CAM, he did alright, not amazing compared to some of our other players but he is young and has plenty of potential.

ST - Marcelao was absolutely fantastic. He ended the season with 50 goals from 50 games with 13 assists on top of that, made even more impressive by the fact he only took one penalty all season. I'm really hoping we can hang onto him but there's a lot of big clubs after him, including my old side Man United who are presumably courting him as a potential Kabongo replacement. Kabongo himself is still going strong though even at 34, he ended the season with 38 goals from 54 games as United won a 5th consecutive Premier League.


Season     Club                Division          Position      Achievements
2014/15    Arsenal             Premier League    2nd           League Cup winners 
2015/16    Arsenal             Premier League    1st           Champions
2016/17    Borussia Dortmund   Bundesliga        3rd           German Cup & Europa League winners
2017/18    Borussia Dortmund   Bundesliga        2nd           Euro Super Cup & German Super Cup winners
2017       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           Confederations Cup runners up 
2018       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           N/A
2019       Cameroon            N/A               N/A           African Cup of Nations winners 
2018/19    Dinamo Moscow       Russian PL        2nd           Russian Cup winners
2019/20    Everton             Premier League    2nd           N/A
2020/21    Everton             Premier League    7th           League Cup winners & Champions League runners up
2020       France              N/A               N/A           N/A
2021       France              N/A               N/A           European Nations League winner
2022       France              N/A               N/A           World Cup winner
2021/22    Getafe              La Liga           5th           Qualified for Europa League
2022/23    Getafe              La Liga           9th           Europa League semi finalists 
2022       Holland             N/A               N/A           N/A
2023       Holland             N/A               N/A           N/A
2024       Holland             N/A               N/A           European Championship runners up
2023/24    Ipswich Town        Championship      1st           Promoted as Champions  
2024/25    Ipswich Town        Premier League    13th          N/A
2025/26    Ipswich Town        Premier League    4th           N/A
2026/27    Ipswich Town        Premier League    4th           N/A
2027/28    Ipswich Town        Premier League    1st           Premier League and FA Cup winners
2028/29    Juventus            Serie A           1st           Serie A, Italian Cup and Super Cup winners 
2029/30    Juventus            Serie A           1st           Serie A, Champions League, Italian Cup and Super Cup winners
2030/31    Kuban               Russian PL        6th           Qualified for Europa League
2031/32    Kuban               Russian PL        7th           Left in November
2031/32    Liverpool           Premier League    6th           Joined in November. FA Cup winners.
2032/33    Liverpool           Premier League    2nd           Europa League & Community Shield winners
2033/34    Man United          Premier League    1st           Premier League, League Cup and Community Shield winners
2034/35    NAC Breda           Eredivisie        3rd           Qualified for Europa League
2035/36    NAC Breda           Eredivisie        7th           Left in December
2035/36    Olympiakos          Greek SL          3rd           Joined in December. Greek Cup winners & Qualified for CL.
2036/37    Porto               Portuguese PL     1st           Portuguese PL & League Cup

Trophy Cabinet

World Cup               x1 - 2022 (France)
African Cup of Nations  x1 - 2019 (Cameroon)
European Nations League x1 - 2021 (France)


Champions League    x1 - 2029/30 (Juventus)
Europa League       x2 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund), 2032/33 (Liverpool) 
European Super Cup  x1 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund)


Premier League    x3 - 2015/16 (Arsenal), 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2033/34 (Man United)
FA Cup            x2 - 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2031/32 (Liverpool) 
League Cup        x3 - 2014/15 (Arsenal), 2020/21 (Everton), 2033/34 (Man United)
Community Shield  x2 - 2032/33 (Liverpool), 2033/34 (Man United)   
Championship      x1 - 2023/24 (Ipswich) 

German Cup        x1 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund)
German Super Cup  x1 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund)

Greek Cup   x1 - 2035/36 (Olympiakos)


[/b][/u]Serie A           x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus)
Italian Cup       x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus)
Italian Super Cup x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus) 


Portuguese PL   x1       - 2036/37 (Porto) 
Portuguese League Cup x1 - 3036/37 (Porto)


Russian Cup x1 - 2018/19 (Dinamo Moscow)

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Adam was used as back-up CAM this season and performed reasonably well in his cameo appearances. He scored 3 goals and got 3 assists, whilst also adding to his trophy collection.

Adam Portman Hart, MC/CAM/AML

December 2028 Profile

End of 2028/29 Profile

End of 2029/30 Profile

End of 2030/31 Profile

Mid Season 2031/32 Profile

End of 2031/32 Profile

End of 2032/33 Profile

End of 2033/34 Profile

End of 2034/35 Profile

Mid Season 2035/36 Profile

End of Season 2035/36 Profile

End of Season 3036/37 Profile

Season    Club                Division         Apps  Assists   Goals   MOTM  
2025-28   Ipswich Town        Premier League    0       0        0      0
2028-30   Juventus            Serie A          17       2        3      1 
2030-32   Kuban               Russian PL       21       1        1      0
2031-33   Liverpool           Premier League    0       0        0      0
2031-32   Grimsby  (on loan)  League 2         18       2        2      0
2032-33   Coventry (on loan)  League 2         17       2        1      0
2033-34   Man United          Premier League   25       4        6      1
2034-36   NAC Breda           Eredivisie       57       6        7      1
2035-36   Olympiakos          Greek SL         25       3        2      0
2036-37   Porto               Portuguese PL    43       3        3      0
Career Total                                  223      23       25      3   


Premier League        x1 - 2033/34 (Man United) 
League Cup            x1 - 2033/34 (Man United)
Community Shield      x1 - 2033/34 (Man United)

Serie A               x1 - 2029/30 (Juventus)
Italian Cup           x2 - 2028/2029, 2029/30 (Juventus) 
Italian Super Cup     x1 - 2029/30 (Juventus) 

Greek Cup             x1 - 2035/36 (Olympiakos)

Portuguese PL         x1 - 2036/37 (Porto) 
Portuguese League Cup x1 - 2036/37 (Porto)

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