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French League - Is it planned?

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Would like to see the champions league in so ideally the leagues that have teams in that. The new season is less than a couple of months away so maybe it is quite a but of hassle to add a league in for its structure to change on the new season update. Ideally would be good if there was option like FM to create your own leagues and the community can take on that workload though Ice hockey does have a lot more variance in league structures etc.

I agree. Having the Champions Hockey League would add an awesome extra challenge for a lot of leagues already playable in the game. It would be a great feature that would improve the playable Euro Leagues gameplay overall.

Having the missing leagues that are involved in the CHL too, like France or Denmark, would be also great, but well, step by step this game is improving. It was a nice surprise for me when the different World Championship divisions were made playable for example. It's cool for the Hockey World :thup:

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