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Now I have a bazzing laptop it is time to play FM the way it is meant to be played.


The idea of this epic is a simple rags to riches career with the whole World to compete with.

Who have I chosen to one day rule the FM World?


My poor stats at the start weren't going to help me and to be fair I hadn't got that much experience either.



So with a fast beating heart it was time to take a look at the club.

A quick chat with the chairman told me some details and general information. Then I went out and checked the facilities.




An overview of what was available to me was given by the Chairman along with the club's financial standing.



I found out our odds on getting the title with a quick ring to the local bookie. It was looking bleak.


Then it was time to meet the staff and the guys tasked with helping us survive the 1st season.


I then sat down and began to plan...


Because this game is a little slower I intend posting as I go. The moment anything happens worthy of a post, I'll post. So not the run of the mill end of seasons reports.

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The board don't expect much


The daily mirror clearly knew something I didn't.


It will also be interesting to see if English clubs will still dominate a full on game.

Disappointingly though the 1st Champions League Final


Sadly these players won'y agree new deals making my job more difficult


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One more for the career updates forum rather than here.

Yes, moved to the appropriate place

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I forgot to mention that I ran the game for 1 season before starting with St. Neots.

During that 1st season there was news of a Welsh Tycoon. Did he take on Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham? Maybe a League of Wales club?

Nope! He went here to spend his millions...


That's in the Soloman Islands by the way. They finished 2nd in their league.

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What is it with all these cops? I wonder how many clubs they have.


This time Egypt and they finished 14th in their Premier last season.

A few transfers were needed as without them I think we would have just gone straight back down.


Then up came our first pre-season friendly...


Needless to say I'm not too happy.

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A little bit more was spent on this half decent midfielder.


Sadly my hopes of bringing in a keeper were dashed when he did his cruciate ligaments in just before signing.

Next up was League 2 Cambridge Utd


A surprisingly 50/50 encounter spoiled by Cambridge being lethal in front of goal.

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I had high hopes of getting off the mark win wise with a game against non-league Godmanchester in our 3rd of 6 pre-season games.


A lot closer than I wanted and I didn't expect to be 2 goals down either. More players are clearly needed.

Here's a couple signed just before our 4th game.




Thankfully Raunds weren't a match for us.

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Once again I'm amazed why a local youth would upstick and travel across the country to play for a team below us in the leagues for less money than we offered him. Seriously think when a transfer bid goes sour the game should give us the reason because at the moment it looks a bit broken.

Any how back to the friendlies with number 5.


Didn't deserve the win but at least now they are starting to play my way with the attitude of you score 5 and we'll score 6. None of this 1-0 rubbish. How dull is that?

Another signing.


Then our last pre-season game.


Which turned out to be an excellent performance. :thup:

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