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Hey, guys, I'm a lurker on these forums for many years, I really find some of the threads insanely good.

Being unemployed and bored out of my mind, I've decided to start my own blog about the game we all love. The blog will be in Romanian, for the Romanian community, a community that right now is in cardiac arrest. Maybe some of the articles I've read here, translated in Romanian, will be the electrical shock that community needs to be alive again. Sadly, at this moment, the vast majority of its members are interested in buying low and selling high and downloading wonder tactics that win every game, and when those tactics don't work, the bitch about how bad the match engine is. :(

I've tried a while back to contact the starter of an amazing topic via PM, can't remember right now witch one, but i didn't receive an answer, maybe this time I'll have more luck. Maybe my English is not perfect, but my Romanian is, or almost perfect, and I translated some books from English to Romanian at my previous job, I can assure you the articles will be adapted to the Romanian language in the most professional way possible.

Of course, I will provide links to the original article, I won't post anything in my own name until I come up with something truly original.

So, Cleon, wwfan, llama3, The Hand of God, rashidi1, what do you say, do I have your permission to do something better with my time, to try to make a difference in the way a community sees this game?

For starters I'm interested in translating these articles:

How to Play FM: A Twelve Step Guide - wwfan

Pairs & Combinations FM2015 - llama3

Lines and Diamonds: The Tactician's Handbook for Football Manager 2015 - The Hand of God

Bust the Net - Football Manager Tactics - rashidi1

Building A Tactic From The Beginning And Maintaining It Long Term - Cleon

Ajax - When Real Life Meets Football Manager - FM14 - Cleon

The School Of Defensive Arts 2015 - The 3-4-3 - Cleon

FM 15 - A Basic Guide for Tactics and Training - rashidi1

The Five 10's - Brazil 1970 - Cleon

What Makes A Goalscorer?! - Cleon

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So basically you want to translate my entire blog :D. I don't mind, you can translate it as long as you link back to the original.

It's best to PM members and ask them though rather than posting on the forum :)

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