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Tim Vickery's South American Adventure

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No, I'm not starting another thread that ends up dying because I

. I promise. No fluff here, it's just an idea to see what a manager based on Tim Vickery can achieve starting unemployed in South America.

Here is the personal info.



Now, the manager.


Sunday league footballer to represent Tim's lack of a playing career but a continental pro licence so we can bias his attributes.

The style focus is set to tactical manager. Obviously. His coaching attributes are tanked in some areas and are biased towards technical, mental and working with youngsters.

Adaptability is

as Tim has been living in Brazil since the 90's and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Determination, motivating and man management are 1 because Tim is

and has never
before. Tim's knowledge is represented by
player knowledge and youngster knowledge. Tim has good discipline.

The Rules


If Tim gets sacked he has to go on holiday for at least three years without applying for any jobs as he takes his time to figure out what went wrong before starting again.

Tim has to start in a new country if he gets sacked.

If Tim wins a major trophy he must immediately resign.

Tim cannot change clubs mid season and has to try to spend at least three seasons at a club.

Tim cannot spend more than three seasons at a club.

Tim has to start in the Brazilian third tier. The date is the 27th of April 2015.

On January 1 of every year Tim has to place players aged 28 or over on the transfer list. He has to accept offers that represent fair value in his opinion.


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Good luck for your new adventure! South America has amazing talents! Will be following this :)

Cheers, looking forward to seeing what I can achieve!

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Tim update:


Right, decided to tweak the profile a bit, Tim is still all-knowing but I felt I his coaching attributes should reflect the fact that he would know what he was doing when organising a


He still lacks the specialized skills of

and goalkeeping coaching but I've given him a more balanced spread across tactical and
with a couple of points thrown into attacking and defending.

Instead of a continental pro licence he now has a continental A licence.

Level of discipline drops from 11 to 6. Other than that his

attributes remain the same.

Oh, and a new rule. On January 1 of every year Tim has to transfer list players who are 28 years old and over. He has to accept offers that represent fair value in his opinion.

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Somewhere. In a galaxy far far away.

'Hi, what's your name?'

'My name is not important. What is your name?'

'I'm Captain Obvious.'

'Well, obvious, I need you to do something for me. I need you to help me with a project.'

'What does it involve?'

'You've got to write for me.'

'Writing? Sure. I know how to write. Will you help me?'

'No. I'm too busy. I'll pop in from time to time to help you, though.'

'Okay. When do we start?'

'Now. Well, soon. Ten minutes or so.'

'Great. I can't wait.'

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