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Waivers are broken (15.2.0b & TBL Rosters v7.3 P-SoS)

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An old quirk in the old game was that sometimes doing edits to the database could inexplicably somehow cause the computer to not know how to use waivers anymore. And it seems that old bug remains in EHM:EA. Cause when using the latest start of season database from TBL, the computer is no longer claiming players from waivers. I've simulated seasons without a single waiver pickup and I just tried putting Sidney Crosby on there, but was met with nothing but disinterested looks and sighs. That can't be right. Sure, this bug is being triggered by a third-party database being used, but it seems strange that anything done in a pre-game database should be able to break a core game function like this, so there should be something that you guys can do about it...

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Maybe teams don't have enough cap space

Heres the problem. Teams get over the cap in season 2. So in the offseason they put their high salaries players on the block but they get CRAPPY offers like a bunch of 3rd round pick and an average prospect. So they end up waiving their expensive players

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