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do clubs accept smaller offers from other clubs than from human managers?

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cheers barside sorry in my post about gilberto i didnt make it clear, the 16.25 million was a non negotiable demand from the club.

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Arsenal (AI) and Spurs (user) bid around the same time for a player. Spurs bid £20mill plus 1 mill after 40 Club games and 1 mill after 10 internationals. Arsenal bid £19.5mill plus conditions which can rise to £23mill. For some reason they accept Arsenals bid but negotiate the spurs bid upwards to close of 30mill.

I keep trying to negotiate but Southampton keep wanting close to £30mill. They finally hit me with a non-negotiable offer as you can see below.

Hopefully someone can explain the logic around why I have to pay £7mill odd more than Arsenal



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